• Dead ACORN Is Not Dead Enough for House GOP


    Look, if ACORN wanted to avoid getting its corpse repeatedly kicked by the U.S. Congress, they should have killed some civilians in Iraq and renamed themselves Academi. Instead they're stuck in the darkest timeline: 

    March 22, 2010: ACORN, an umbrella organization of community organizers that provided lots of figurines for Glenn Beck's fear-diorama, announces it will disband. Later that year it does just that, closing its state affiliate offices and filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

    December 5, 2012: Despite not existing, ACORN is blamed by 49% of Republicans for stealing the 2012 election.

    Today: A short-term budget bill sponsored by House Republicans includes language to defund ACORN, which continues to not exist.

    April 2013, probably: House Republicans take a strong stand against an appropriations bill that would allow the National Institutes of Health to study unicorn farts and manticore tears.

    Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

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