• Conservatives Discover That Conference of Awful People Is Awful

    CPAC is like Burning Man for conservative activists. Only instead of wacky costumes and insane worldviews, there are lapel pins and insane worldviews.

    But what does it take to get invited?

    Being a popular Republican governor of a blue state? Nope. Chris Christie of New Jersey was denied a speaking slot this year, his punishment for refusing to spit in Barack Obama's general direction after Hurricane Sandy.

    How about being a popular Republican governor of a swing state? Ha, no. Virginia's Bob McDonnell was deemed too electable to grace CPAC with his well-coiffed presence.

    Instead, CPAC is getting crazy person of note Donald Trump. Maybe the event's planners are angling for their own season of "Celebrity Apprentice," but even so, some conservatives think it's a yuuuuge mistake:

    There's still time to invite Unskewed Polls Guy, CPAC!

    Photo by David Becker/Stringer/Getty Images

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