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Dennis DiClaudio
  • Quote Unquote: Paying for Lies

    Conservative columnist David Frum on why, despite all the polling, the Romney campaign was so unprepared for the Election Day results


    "If you pay people to lie to you, you'll hear a lot of lies."


    And, if you pay millions of dollars for lies, you'll hear about a million lies. It's basic math.

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  • Rick Santorum Is "Open" to Idea of Maybe Running Again in 2016

    Hey look, guys. I know it seems like a real long shot, but we can't give up hope. There's still a small but slight chance that Rick Santorum might maybe possibly perchance consider running for president again in four years.

    Which is to say he's definitely doing it

    "I'm open to it, yeah," Santorum replied. "I think there's a fight right now as to what the soul of the Republican party's going to be and the conservative movement, and we have something to say about that. I think from our battle, we're not going to leave the field."

    In 2012, Santorum won nearly 4 million votes and 11 GOP primary contests — the same number of states, he pointed out, Ronald Reagan won in his failed 1976 presidential bid.

    You know, I was gonna say, that guy really loses like Reagan. There's something so Reagan-esque in the way he fails to get things that he desperately wants. There's a certain Gipper-ishness in how he sets out goals and then comes up short of achieving them.

    Oh yeah, I see it. This guy is going places.

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  • The Republican Plan to Win Florida for Mitt Romney

    Florida GOP logoHave you heard? The Florida State GOP came up with an ingenious and devious plan to win the Sunshine State for Republican candidate Mitt Romney this past election? Just listen to this bit of Machiavellian brilliance

    Republican leaders said in proposing the law that it was meant to save money and fight voter fraud. But a former GOP chairman and former Gov. Charlie Crist, both of whom have been ousted from the party, now say that fraud concerns were advanced only as subterfuge for the law’s main purpose: GOP victory.

    Former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer says he attended various meetings, beginning in 2009, at which party staffers and consultants pushed for reductions in early voting days and hours.

    "The Republican Party, the strategists, the consultants, they firmly believe that early voting is bad for Republican Party candidates," Greer told The Post. "It's done for one reason and one reason only. … 'We’ve got to cut down on early voting because early voting is not good for us,' " Greer said he was told by those staffers and consultants.

    Unfortunately, they forgot the most important part of the plan: winning. Barack Obama received 50.01 percent of the state's vote to Romney's 49.13 percent.

    Ugh! So close, Florida Republicans. But you've got to remember the last part of the plan was the most important part. Actually, strictly speaking, it was the only important part. You can make poll lines as long as you like, but if your candidate loses, the plan kinda didn't work.

    Just remember that for next time maybe.

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  • 28 Percent of Americans Mistake Congress for "Responsible Adults"

    Capitol dome, Washington DCSometimes I think the problem isn't so much with Congress' inability to stop fighting long enough to get anything done as it is with people's incredibly unrealistic expectations

    Two-thirds of Americans believe that politicians will act like "spoiled children" during negotiations on the fiscal cliff, while only 28 percent think elected officials can be counted on to behave as "responsible adults," according to a CNN/ORC poll released Monday.

    About a quarter of those polled are expecting their elected officials to act like grown up people. That's shocking.

    Are those same 28 percent also expecting Santa Claus to deliver an entirely new legislative body?

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  • What Happens When the Filibuster Goes Bust?

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is supposedly thinking about changing Senate rules this congress so that legislators seeking to enact a filibuster would no longer just have to say, "Hey, I filibust this, yo!" or whatever traditional talk they use. Instead they'd have to stand up in from of the Senate and talk for a really, really long time, Jimmy Stewart style. Which is why I thought people got into politics to begin with.

    Anyway, Republican senators are apparently concerned that this would get in the way of their plan to be as obstructionist as possible at all times. And they're threatening that, if Reid has his way, they will be as obstructionist as possible at all times

    Republicans are threatening even greater retaliation if Reid uses a move rarely used by Senate majorities: changing the chamber’s precedent by 51 votes, rather than the usual 67 votes it takes to overhaul the rules.

    "I think the backlash will be severe," Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), the conservative firebrand, said sternly. "If you take away minority rights, which is what you’re doing because you’re an ineffective leader, you'll destroy the place. And if you destroy the place, we'll do what we have to do to fight back."

    Taking away minority rights?! Oh, man! That could really hamper Republicans' ability to take away minority rights!

    Not to mention their ongoing plan to destroy the place.

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