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  • Texas Law Professor Gets Honorary Foot-in-Mouth Degree

    Ugh, this guy again.

    Lino Graglia, a University of Texas at Austin law professor, has been called the most conservative law professor in the United States. He was once considered for a federal judgeship by Ronald Reagan but was passed over because of controversy surrounding Disaster by Decree, a book wherein he wrote against desegregation busing.

    For his next trick, in 1997, he gave a speech in which he explained that black and Mexican people come from cultures where "failure is not looked upon with disgrace."

    So when a recent affirmative action lawsuit threatened the University of Texas, who better to call than the guy who is basically a professional wingnut on the subject:

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  • John McAfee Is a Menace to Bloggers Everywhere

    A few weeks ago, John McAfee was known as the creator of McAfee Antivirus, a program that acted like a condom for your computer, except when you didn't use it, something far more valuable than your body got a virus. Now John McAfee is known as a possibly-dangerous, insanely rich fugitive.

    Here's a quick recap of John McAfee's life over the last few weeks:

    November 12 – McAfee's home is searched by Belize police, who call him a person of interest in a murder. He hides by burying himself in the sand.

    November 17 – McAfee begins blogging as he evades police.

    December 5Guatemalan police detain McAfee for illegally entering the country and prepare to extradite him.

    December 6 – McAfee is denied asylum in Guatemala. He's now hospitalized and his lawyer claims he has suffered a heart attack:

    McAfee's lawyer vowed to block Guatemalan efforts to remove the entrepreneur and said the 67-year-old had suffered two mild heart attacks early on Thursday. McAfee was not taken to a hospital and posted on his blog during the morning hours.

    "I don't think a heart attack prevents one from using one's blog," said the lawyer, Telesforo Guerra.

    I've had mild colds that prevented me from blogging. I once stubbed my toe and took a half day off. If John McAfee had two heart attacks and continued to blog, then he is the world's hardest-working blogger.

    My real concern–aside from the fact that this guy is batshit–is the precedent he's setting for other bloggers. I can see it now: Some poor intern at Gawker keels over after working 29 hours straight, and his editor just props him up at his desk and places his lifeless fingers on the keyboard. A HuffPo writer is encouraged to liveblog her own open-heart surgery. The National Review bloggers are forced to keep writing even when Jonah Goldberg sits on them and reads aloud from his own books.

    Where will it end?

    [Ed. note: I guess you'll find out!]

    Photo by Johan Ordonez/AFP/Getty Images

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  • Obama Twitter Shorthand Explained

    In his speeches, President Obama usually takes the time he needs to make his point, even if that means talking long after people stop paying attention. "Look," he'll say, followed by a whole bunch of other words, many of them multi-syllabic.

    Obviously, it's a style not well-suited for Twitter.

    This afternoon, during a Twitter-based Q&A about his tax plan, the president proved equally adept at shorthand, abbreviations and Internet slang. This newfangled lingo can get real confusing real fast, so I thought it'd be a good idea to help the online community understand Obama's advanced Twitter technique…

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  • Bill O'Reilly Doesn't Understand Gangnam Style

    Taking a break from reporting on the War on Christmas (and ignoring the war in Syria), Bill O'Reilly decided to start a war on people feeling joy. He brought a psychiatrist in to explain Gangnam Style's popularity.

    "The most popular music apparently is that without intelligible words." Is Keith Ablow saying the Korean language  does not contain any intelligible words? Because if so, that's exactly why I hate French music too. Use some real words, Edith Piaf!

    The only part of the Psy phenomenon a psychiatrist would have any insight into is his use of the silent "P." Asking a psychiatrist to explain Gangnam Style is like asking Bill O'Reilly to explain journalism. It's completely unrelated to their job.

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  • Unskewed Election Results: Mitt Romney Wins in Landslide!

    In an alternate universe, Nate Silver is a broken man. He has not showered or shaved in weeks, and his teenage-quality mustache is just now starting to show. He sold his bed and now uses unsold copies of his books to sleep on. Clinging to sanity in a room whose walls are filled with calculations, he screams into the cruel night, "Where did I, the boy wizard of numbers, go wrong?!"

    In that same universe, Dean Chambers — creator of UnSkewed Polls – is still making the talk show rounds. Bill Maher has recanted, is becoming a conservative and planning to marry Ann Coulter and raise a brood of the smuggest babies imaginable. Chambers can finally afford to upgrade his website so it no longer looks like it was created in MS Paint. He is not only a new conservative icon. He is a math genius. And an American hero.

    But we are in this universe. And in this universe, Dean Chambers has officially lost it…

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