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  • Rick Santorum Thinks Obama Is "Out of Touch" on Gay Marriage

    Rick Santorum may have stopped running for president last month, but he hasn't stopped running his mouth on television.

    Behold the latest crazy quote from the former presidential candidate

    Rick Santorum is urging Mitt Romney to "step up" and weaponize the issue of same-sex marriage.

    "This is a very potent weapon, if you will, for Governor Romney if he's willing to step up and take advantage of a president who is very much out of touch with the values of America," Santorum said in an eye-opening live interview with Arkansas TV station KARK, a CNN affiliate.

    Obama is so "out of touch," said the guy who doesn't believe in condoms, has seven homeschooled children and wears customized sweater vests. The President's support for gay marriage definitely shows that he's way out of the mainstream in America, where the majority of people support gay marriage, including 56% of women.

    Despite Santorum's well-known opposition to same-sex marriage, this news about him is kind of surprising. Mainly because it's not the story one would expect upon seeing "Santorum," "gay" and "touch" in the same headline.

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  • Mitt Romney Emits Tear-Like Substance from His Eyes

    Mitt Romney traveled to North Carolina today to speak to supporters in Charlotte, and not, strangely, to tackle a gay couple trying to get married.

    But something unusual did happen. Romney's eyes appeared to well with what scientists might call "tears" while talking about how a local community helped his niece

    There are scenes that come to my mind when I think of America and there are scenes of people coming together. Sometimes when there's a crisis; sometimes when there’s just someone in trouble.

    My niece– my niece and her husband, he's a lawyer, they bought a starter home. Young married couple. Their first daughter is completely deaf, stone deaf. And at about age one or one in a half they installed one of these cochlear implants invented in this country to help her hear a little bit. And then she goes to get special classes to help her learn how to speak…but just as this was happening in their lives…her husband was called up by the national guard to go off to Iraq and serve he did…

    One morning, she comes outside and there are her neighbors all picking up the rocks out of her yard, raking the dirt. They put in a sprinkler system. They laid down sod. They even build a swing set for her daughter. This is the America that I love.

    Apart from calling his little niece "stone deaf,"  it's kind of a heartwarming anecdote. No wonder he started to get a little teary. Hopefully, the moisture didn't smudge any of that bronzer on his face.

    Of course, it seems unlikely that Romney would ever admit to getting over-emotional. He'd have to cut off his own hair. He probably just said he had some leftover droplets on his face from waterskiing all day.

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  • Mitt Romney Supported Bullying Gay Teens in Massachusetts

    It used to be really hard to decipher Mitt Romney's stance on gay marriage. On one hand, he said he opposed it. On the other hand, he named his son Tagg.

    But now that we know he bullied gay kids in high school, his position is a bit more clear. And this wasn't just some isolated high school "prank" either. Romney even kind of supported bullying as governor of Massachusetts

    Mitt Romney clashed with a state commission tasked with helping LGBT youth at risk for bullying and suicide throughout his term as Massachusetts governor over funding and its participation in a pride parade. He eventually abolished the group altogether.

    The Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, created by Republican Gov. William Weld in 1992 in response to newly released statistics showing alarmingly high suicide rates among gay and lesbian teens, was designed to combat harassment in schools… Romney continued its existence upon taking office, but a rift began in 2005, when he vetoed a $100,000 increase in its budget…

    [R]elations between the governor and commission collapsed in mid-2006, after the commission lent its name to materials promoting a long-running annual pride parade for LGBT youth that it helped organize using private funds. Romney, incensed at being officially associated with a gay pride event, threatened to dissolve the commission on the spot.

    This is probably a huge let-down for all the gay Romney fans out there. All five of them. His sideburns were practically a gay icon.

    However, there is one bright spot in this whole controversy. Critics often attack Romney for being spineless and lacking core beliefs. He's flip-flopped on a lot of issues in the twenty or so years he's been in politics. But now we know he's been consistent on one topic all along: being a total jerk to gay kids.

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  • GOP Robbing from the Poor, Giving to the Predator Drones

    Hey, remember last summer when the GOP agreed to raise the debt ceiling in exchange for spending cuts, half of which were supposed to come from the Pentagon?

    Ha. Yeah. That was totally never gonna happen

    The House voted Thursday to override steep cuts to the Pentagon’s budget mandated by last summer's debt deal and replace them with spending reductions to food stamps and other mandatory social programs.

    While doomed in the Senate and opposed by the White House, the legislation, which would reduce the deficit by $243 billion, is a Republican marker for post-election budget talks with the White House.

    The Washington Post has a handy list of all the highlights. In addition to food stamps, Republicans are trying to cut funding for Medicaid, the Child Tax Credit, federal employee pensions, financial regulation and social services block grants, which help fund Meals on Wheels, child welfare, day care services and help for the disabled.

    So basically, just programs for the most vulnerable populations imaginable. What child needs food and shelter when they can have an unlimited supply of predator drones flying overhead?

    Insiders say Sith Lord Speaker John Boehner also tried to make cuts to the Department of Puppies and Rainbows, but he was afraid the bill would be too long. And anyway, you can't blame the GOP. They're just trying to create more jobs. Like, child funeral director or black-market organ donor. Yep, it's all about jobs. Jobs. Jobs. Jobs.

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  • President Obama Still Less Progressive Than "The Golden Girls"

    There's something about Democrats and gay marriage that seems to evoke memories of beloved sitcoms. First, there was Joe Biden's infamous gay marriage endorsement on Sunday, in which he credited Will & Grace with making gay relationships mainstream.

    And now, there's this Golden Girls clip making the rounds on the Internet

    Any television show that features plot lines about topics like gay marriage, AIDS, women's sexuality, death, and immigration could be considered controversial. But a television show that debuted in 1985 — in the middle of Ronald Reagan's presidency — tackling those topics? That's downright radical. And that's exactly what "The Golden Girls" was — radical…

    In [the show], Sophia, a devoutly Catholic matriarch, explains to her roommate Blanche why everyone deserves the chance to get married — and she did it over twenty years before Obama said the exact same thing.

    While the President may not be as cutting-edge and forward-thinking as The Golden Girls or Will & Grace, unlike Republicans, he at least believes in the Big Bang Theory and doesn't model his family life on Leave It to Beaver.

    By standing up to all the homophobes and publicly supporting marriage equality, President Obama showed true courage and proved he's a real man. Like Bea Arthur. Perhaps he can win over those Florida retirees after all.

    Incidentally, the show's theme song, "Thank You For Being A Friend," is also what Mitt Romney says to all his favorite corporations.

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