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  • The Blog Hole: Smokin' Conservatives, Empty Promises and The Poetry of Huckabee

    Yes Mr. President, Whatever You Want: Chrysler and GM are totally fine with the President's call for every vehicle sold in America to reach 35.5 miles-per-gallon by 2016. Tom Walsh points out that, they're fine with it because they don't have a choice. Washington is their pimp, and they can promise flying cars that run on laughter by 2016, because they might not even last until 2010. []

    Happy Republicans Part of God's Plan: Cassy Fiano is young, conservative and her commentary is "smokin' hot." She totally agrees with a recent study that claims Republicans are "happier" than their Democratic counterparts. Cassy suggests that one reason for this might be because liberalism is poisonous. Poisonous, like cyanide or ideas. []

    Shoot First, Talk Never: Not all members of the Taliban are bad. For instance, I'm sure many of them have very lovely singing voices. But no, the only good Taliban is dead, dead like newspapers. Stephen Schwartz insists that there is no moderate faction of these medievalist loonybirds, and that diplomacy is not an option. Unless it's a sitdown between a Mullah and a Predator drone. []

    Mike's A Poet, Don't You Know It: Former Governor, presidential candidate, and Fox News Chatty Cathy Mike Huckabee publicly calls on  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi should resign. And he does so in a poem. A poem!  It's basically a sonnet, written by someone who doesn't know what a sonnet is, or has total contempt for Shakespeare. Either way, it would be a better world if all Republicans started writing more poetry. Scratch that. All politicians. []

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  • The Bad News: Drug Thugs, Genital Fish and More Torture


    They Were Asking For It: Ladies and germs, the thirteen people responsible for helping America make an awkward transition from civilized beacon of civilization, to barbaric, medieval fiefdom of torture. Bra-VO! []

    Drug Thugs Prison-Proof: In the pre-post-apocalyptic world that is Mexico, a phalanx of twenty narco-storm troopers traipsed into a prison and freed fifty inmates, who are all likely affiliated with one of the powerful drug cartels the Mexican government is warring with. []

    Swine Flu Fatality: Do not panic, but the dreaded swine flu has claimed it's first victim in New York City. Oh heck, panic. Because the media wants to reinforce that this story is about you, not about one family's sudden, tragic loss. []

    It Burns When I Pee: Once upon a time, there was a little boy who had a fish living in his peehole. This is bad news for this unfortunate young man, and bad news for those with dude-specific genitalia. []

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  • The Blog Hole: Fat Taxes, The Nance Dance and Dick Cheney's Bat Cave

    Vice President Batman: Legendary political gadfly and Capitol Hill medicine woman Eleanor Clift was there when Vice President Biden opened his wide shovel of a mouth and revealed the exact location of his predecessor's "undisclosed location." It sounds less like a bunker, and more like the Bat Cave. It also sounds awesome, and no wonder Mr. Cheney is suffering from power withdrawals. []

    Speaker of the House of Cards: What did Nancy Pelosi know, when did she know it, and why doesn't she know to keep her mouth shut? The more she protests, the guiltier she seems, writes Debra Saunders. The Speaker knew there was some serious Jack Bauer action going on in Spytown, and she was less a moral crusader and more of a feckless, memo-writing pipsqueak scribbling angry little memos no one read. []

     The Man To Tax Your Fat: The federal government wants to tax your soda pop, and Dan Mitchell questions whether this is a good idea or not. And they're gunning for all of those drinks that are a diabetics nightmare: sports drinks, root beers, energy drinks, those little boxes of kiddie juice that advertise how they're "10% Real Juice" and fail to mention how they're "90% pure corn syrup." Will this raise revenue for bridges and bullets, or just discourage consumption? Or will it turn "Happy Meals" into "Meh Meals"? []

    Let's All Agree to Disagree, Forever:  Liberal Internet Illuminati The Daily Kos posts the transcript of President Obama's controversial speech at Notre Dame in it's entirety, with comments that are 40% trolls, 60% fawning, techno-hippies. Relive the magic of a well-written call for moderation delivered at a circus. []

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  • The Blog Hole: Nancy Betrayed, Credit Crunched and Coulter Cackles

    Agency Dedicated To Deception, Deceives: It wasn't just Nancy Pelosi who the CIA lied to, points out John Cole. Other, distinguished Senators have the same complaint. So don't be too hard on the Speaker, she might not be a total, two-faced, double-talking political hack shucking and jiving. Or she just might be. A good rule of thumb when deciphering dueling spin is to listen to the lies of both sides, and look to the middle for truth. The CIA probs lied to Pelosi; Pelosi probs was briefly okay with beating the tar out of evil terrorists. []

    Master Of Your Master Card: Brian Tumulty answers questions about potential, future credit card reform legislation. It seems pretty common sense: if you pay your bills on time, the credit card companies can't secretly jack up your interest 1,000%. If you default on your bills, the credit card companies can steal your children and sell them on the black market. []

    Tis A Pity She's A Conservative Banshee: If there's one thing liberals cannot stand, it's a sexy Christian lady, says Ann Coulter. The popular conservative banshee defends recent Miss USA Carrie Prejean, accusing the left of the fanaticism they usually levy at the intolerant extremes of the Right Wing. It's a witchhunt, for sure. But when such conspiracies are lead by a jeering little gossip troll with a hate on for a birdbrained wind-up doll, you have to ask "who wins?" Not a grown-up debates about gay rights. []

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  • The Blog Hole: No Torture Porn For You, Cheney Won't Go Away and Why You're a Hippie

    Secret Torture Pics To Stay Secret: President Obama is fighting the release of photos of prisoners being abused by the military and you know who loses? Torture porn enthusiasts. Also, liberals. David Ignatius notes that the President is trying to beef up his centrist bona fides. His decision is more political than ideological. It's a wise move, though, if for any reason, because he is resisting the impulse to pander to his base. Because political bases are almost always hysterical, fanatical nitwits. []

    Darth Vader Talks Too Much: Even the GOP wants Dick Cheney to STFU, points out Kenneth Walsh. Strategists who once upon a time adored The Iron Hunchback are suddenly miffed at his insistence on publicly defending his legacy like a fameballing camera slut. They want him to disappear, ideally into an undersea bunker. But here's the deal: say what you will about Cheney, he's more articulate than most of the knuckleheads his party is choosing to speak on their behalf. []

    The Neo-Hippies: The "Millenial Generation" are a bunch of fruity, spiral-dancing liberal socialists who want to eat babies, smoke pot, and have bisexual orgies to hip hop. American Progress highlights recent studies that highlights how Gen Y is set to change the electorate, since they are overwhelmingly progressive on all issues. They want change, or at least, that's what they're tweeting right now. []

    Married, With Children, Congress: If the White House is rocking, don't come a-knocking. It's been a long time since we've had a First Couple that is so genuinely devoted and at ease with each other, writes Francis Wilkinson. The country benefits from such an example, because a good husband makes a good president. Doesn't hurt when your wife is super popular, too. Aw, ain't that sweet? Barfworthy, sure. But sweet. []

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