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Terry Selucky
  • Same-Sexy Talk from the Minnesota House

    Over several hours of debate this week, Minnesota Rep. Steve Simon declared that an amendment to define marriage as man-woman only was an attempt to "enshrine religious beliefs" and that future generations would be ashamed of such a policy. He added that, if religiosity was a rightful bastion to which we should stick this argument, “how many gays must god create before we accept that he wants them around”?

    Many of those in attendance burst in applause at the sight of this political cryptid, also known as logic. One might in fact wonder how many committee members felt the curious mental tingling of independent thought, of wheels turning and forming new ideas, crafted not from what their ministers, fathers, or political parties told them, but from an argument presented all presto-changeo-style, right before their very eyes!

    Not many. The opposition was squashed 10-7 along party lines, so the amendment to ban same-sex marriage has advanced to the next stage. And pheee-yooo. You’d hate that the state that nurtured Hubert Humphrey — you remember, that zany Minnesota Senator-turned-Vice-President who urged the Democratic Party to end state-enforced racial segregation — to continue casting a wide net for civil rights.

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  • Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Sticks (It) to the Real Issues

    Now that this whole birther thing is behind us — or is it, Barack, you double-faker? — we can return our attention to the blood, sweat, and tears poured into other worthy causes.

    Like keeping pregnant, poverty-stricken teenagers from going to school

    The push toward the corporatization of the state of Michigan picked up steam as approximately a dozen teachers, teen mothers and their children were arrested in Detroit after staging a peaceful sit-in protest at the Catherine Ferguson Academy.

    The sit-in was organized to protest Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb's announcement that he was closing the highly successful and unique school for pregnant and parenting teens.  The school provides pre-natal and parenting classes and gives high school student mothers the opportunity to finish their high school degrees by providing on-site child care and other support services … The school boasts a 90% graduation rate and 100% college and higher education acceptance upon graduation.

    Nicole Conaway, a science teacher at CFA, remarked that "half the students would drop out" if the school closed. But look. It's not Michigan's fault that those kids have kids. And sure, I get that some people feel that "life" and the "pursuit of happiness" are rights, but whose rights? If you take a look at the eloquent words of Thomas Jefferson, these "unalienable rights" belong to "men" who are "created equal," whose "Creator" has "endowed" such things to them.

    So, unless single teenage moms = dudes with deific endowments — and let’s face it, they don't — maybe they should forget the whole life, liberty, etc. thing, and set their sights on welfare and babymaking.

    Actually, kidding! Michigan will be cutting welfare, too.

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  • Pawlenty Campaign Is Like That Dream About Being in School on a Saturday

    Apparently Tim Pawlenty, former governor of Minnesota with the self-designated schmoopie nickname "T-Paw," has opinions on issues from the economy to health care to national security and other stuff.

    I’m sorry what? I totally spaced out as I was typing that

    A frequent guest on television and radio programs about politics, Pawlenty also has released several flashy self-promoting Internet videos. Behind the scenes, he has a team of presidential campaign experts on his side.

    Still, all of this activity does not seem to be paying off for him. According to an analysis of March and April polling by, a website that reviews polling data from a variety of sources, among Republicans Pawlenty is averaging 3.4 percent support.

    Pawlenty should know by now that if he really wants to make a splash in the days leading up to the Republican primaries — especially before the first debate next week — he should weigh in on that birthering convo, insult DeNiro, or just be crazy.

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  • Rep. Paul Ryan Was for Entitlement Programs Before He Was Against Not Destroying Them

    You know, these welfare-reform folks are right on track. I mean, no matter how tough times get, there’s always a way to pull yourself up by those trusty ol’ bootstraps, get back on the horse, keep your head above water, and all those other things we say when they want to sound self-reliant and ‘Merican.

    Take, for example, the sovereign rock that is Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), author of the "Roadmap to the Future" economic plan, which calls for a total redesign and gutting of social security. He's someone who has made it on his own his entire life

    After his father's passing, young Paul Ryan started collecting social security benefits until the age of 18 years old. He took this benefit and saved it for his college education.

    Yeah. I mean, if you ever have to rely on welfare programs, maybe you should move to a sissy country like Canada, where they insure your health, your education, your children and your aging, worn and waning body. Commies!

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  • Wisconsin Protester Filmed Speaking Palinese

    Rebel Pundit directs our attention to an "unhinged lunatic" protester at Saturday's Tea Party rally in Madison, Wisconsin. But did they ever think that maybe, just maybe, he was trying to speak her language?

    It sounds like he's says something like "Make your choice now, Sarah." We're not sure. But, judging from Palin’s speech that day — and, well, from the pretzelly logic with which she says most things — maybe his was an attempt to get to her level. And that's a reach across the aisle that should be commended.

    After all, barking like a madman is the watermark of our more conservative voices. In fact, that very same day, at the very same rally, following that very same Palin speech, Andrew Breitbart delivered an eloquent directive for protesters to "Go to hell. No serious. Go to hell. Go to hell."

    Now that’s some powerful speech-making from a man who makes sense.

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