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  • Joe Biden Maybe Considering Presidential Run in 2016

    Joe Biden will be 73 years old when the next presidential campaign rolls around in 2016, but that's unlikely to keep the current V.P. from becoming the next Democratic president.

    Everything else about him should be able to handle that just fine

    Biden has gone on a recent staffing spree — culminating with the hire of Clinton-era operative Steve Ricchetti — that has many Democrats, and even some on Obama’s own team, wondering if the preternaturally spry and congenitally upbeat vice president just might confound conventional wisdom…

    "What I've been saying, and what I think he believes also, is that after this election is over, he should seriously think about 2016," said [Biden friend and advisor former Sen. Ted] Kaufman, who is part of an informal kitchen cabinet that includes Mike Donilon, whom Ricchetti is replacing, and former chief of staff Ron Klain, who’s been guiding Biden’s moves despite a day job advising ex-AOL impresario Steve Case.

    Confounding conventional wisdom. That is a strong suit of his.


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  • Rick Perry Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

    This Valentine's Day, it's important to know that the greatest gifts are the ones you can look forward to enjoying again and again. Flowers wilt and are eventually eaten by the dog. Chocolate goes stale and is eventually eaten by the dog. Ultimately, you're left with nothing but some memories and no dog. That's why the best gift I received today was news that Rick Perry might run for president again in 2016.

    After being asked about his experience debating the 2012 GOP candidates at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference, Perry replied

    "Debates have absolutely nothing to do with governing. But they do have everything to do with political theater," Perry said reviewing his performance.

    "It was great practice," he said of the debates.

    Asked if that was a reference to a possible 2016 run, he responded "it could be."

    If Perry's 2012 run was just practice, his 2016 gaffes are going to be off the hook! Maybe he'll spray paint the n-word on his front door, or forget what a government is, or propose a law where no one is allowed to tell children where babies come from. Maybe he'll order us to water our crops with Brawndo. The possibilities are endless.

    I, for one, hope we never get rid of Rick Perry, and that he'll stick around forever, like another gift you'll always remember: incurable gonorrhea.

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  • Sarah Palin for Newt Gingrich in 2012, Sarah Palin in 2016

    Sarah PalinDon't read this unless you're sitting down. It appears that Sarah Palin may have realized that she might do well in a 2016 election, now that she's wrapped up her lengthy 2011 national faux-campaign — the same one in which she was openly flirting with a real presidential run. And she maybe sorta doesn't especially want a Republican to win this time around.

    Quick, warn the people!

    Or you can decide for yourself

    "Look at Newt Gingrich, what's going on with him via the establishment's attacks. They're trying t[o] crucify this man and rewrite history and rewrite what it is that he has stood for all these years," Palin said on Fox Business Network after being asked about Ron Paul. "So it's not just Ron Paul. I believe it's also Newt Gingrich, that the establishment, that the liberal media, certainly that the progressives and the Democrats don't like."

    Come on, Sarah. Saying Democrats don't like Gingrich is like saying Superman doesn't like Lex Luthor: they're natural enemies. (Actually, most polls show that any analogy where Newt Gingrich is Lex Luthor makes perfect sense to most Americans.)

    What Palin doesn't seem to get is that it's not liberals who're scared to death of Gingrich getting the nomination — it's the conservatives. They're worried that Americans know everything (or anything, really) about his past and will re-elect Obama. Could it be possible that Palin doesn't know this?

    Or could it be possible that Palin — whose supporters didn't want her to run this year — has already ordered her 2016 campaign buttons and just wants to go all in?

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