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  • Paul Ryan Was Not Actually Booed by AARP Audience

    You may have heard some rather misrepresentative accounts of what happened to Paul Ryan while he was speaking before the AARP. Some liberal Obama-supporting members of the lamestream media would actually have you believe that the elderly gentlemen and ladies in attendance booed Ryan

    Republican vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)was not well received at a gathering held by the American Association of Retired Persons on Friday. After Ryan said the first step to strengthening Medicare is to repeal President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, the crowd erupted into boos.

    After promising to repeal "Obamacare," the crowd jeered. "I had a feeling there would be mixed reactions," said Ryan amid the chorus of booing.

    Typical media lies. In fact, there was a mixed reaction. A reaction to a mixed number of things occurring at the same time that just made it seem like Ryan was being booed. To somebody who wants to propagate a negative story at any rate.

    Here's some of the other things that were actually happening…

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  • Jon Huntsman, Sex Symbol

    Jon HuntsmanBarack Obama may have George Clooney as his Secretary of Handsomeness, but the Republicans have former presidential candidate Jon Huntsman — the 52 year old former governor was named one of the AARP's 21 sexiest men over 50.

    Huntsman even offered some advice on how you too can join the ranks of Antonio Banderas and Colin Firth…

    Q: What advice would you give younger men about how to age well?

    A: Your inner strength is as important as your outer strength.

    Q: What does your wife love about you?

    A: She'd probably say my authenticity, which extends to my salt-and-pepper hair. She once told me that if I ever tried to add anything artificial, she'd leave me.

    The good news for Huntsman is that he's finally won something. The bad news is that being described as the "the hippest dude in the conservative crowd" is a little like being the healthiest person at the hospice.

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  • Paul Ryan v. Your Grandparents

    Let's do a quick inventory of all the people that Republicans are trying their best to alienate in their quest for a permanent majority: women, black people, brown people, immigrants, poor people, middle class people and sick people.

    Oh, and I guess we can now add old people to the list

    Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-Wis.) political group went on the attack Monday against AARP, calling one of the most powerful lobbies a "left-leaning pressure group."

    Ryan's Prosperity PAC sought to push back on attacks by AARP against the House Budget Committee chairman's 2012 budget, specifically its proposed changes to Medicare… AARP launched ads last week warning against "harmful cuts" to Medicare and Social Security it said Republicans favored.

    In case you're unaware, "left-leaning pressure group" in conservative parlance is just, like, one step down from "militant terrorist organization."

    So, yeah. Harsh.

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  • From the Pork Barrel: When Filibustering Was Filibustering

    * "[T]hey returned for a 42-hour day-and-night session which began with a mass fistfight over control of the gavel and ended when Republican operatives placed a poison-soaked rag behind Toupin to gas him out of the presiding officer's chair." The 68th Congress knew how to fucking throw a filibuster!

    * Nice to know that now that the country will be so flush with cash from the money it's not spending on Planned Parenthood, it finally has the scratch to start actively funding pro-life schemes.

    * Indiana Democrats — having won concessions from state house Republicans — face unpleasant task of returning to Indiana.

    * In case you had any last shreds of confidence in Obama's intentions in Libya, this'll beat them out of you.

    * The GOP is really actually in real life gonna go after the AARP? Isn't that a little too close to the GOP going after the GOP?

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