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Alan Grayson
  • The Future of Campaign Advertising Is Here Today!

    When you're running against Alan Grayson for Florida's 27th District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, you really have to come prepared to crank up the crazy. And, let me tell you, Mark Oxner really seems up to the task.

    In this new commercial, he shoots right past 11 to a number that teams of mathematicians at M.I.T. are still struggling to isolate under laboratory conditions

    I don't live in Oxner's district or agree with pretty much anything he stands for or particularly approve of his taste in shirts, but I will totally vote for him in Insane Imagination Land, where one day he will surely be Almighty Emperor.

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  • Rep. Alan Grayson Loses in FL

    After only a single term that saw him become a viral video sensation in the liberal blogosphere for his no-holds-barred tirades, Representative Alan Grayson has lost his reelection bid in Florida's eighth district to Republican challenger Dan Webster.

    "It looks like Dan Webster is the next congressman from Orlando," Grayson said.

    Webster said his win affirms his decision to run a positive campaign.

    "This is a new day for our country and I am thankful to be a part of it. This is a huge victory for people who are tired of the politics of personal destruction," he said in a written statement. "We ran a positive campaign against a broken system. Now it's time to begin the work of fixing it."

    While the loss is certainly a blow to Grayson, I'm sure he looks forward to spending more time with his family calling them whores and terrorists.

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  • Jon Stewart on the Media on Sarah Palin Getting Maybe Booed on Dancing with the Stars

    Sarah Palin being shown being portrayed as a divisive figure in America? Rep. Alan Grayson overdosing on the hyperbole? This is all news to me. When exactly did politics get so impolite?

    As I mentioned yesterday, it appears as though Sarah Palin wasn't actually booed after all. So, Boo-Gate gets a happy ending.

    The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11pm / 10c.

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  • Breaking: Politicians Say Bad Things About Other Politicians!

    Have you heard the incredible story that the mainstream media broke this weekend? DEMOCRATS ARE GOING NEGATIVE WITH AD CAMPAIGNS. Imagine that! In an election year! Get ready to have your mind blown all over your computer, because The New York Times is on the case

    Democratic candidates across the country are opening a fierce offensive of negative advertisements against Republicans, using lawsuits, tax filings, reports from the Better Business Bureau and even divorce proceedings to try to discredit their opponents and save their Congressional majority.

    NO! It can't be! What a fascinating story, that one of the two political parties in this bifurcated fuckshow of "democracy" is using the same tactics that both parties have always used. Has any other media outlet besides the great and distinguished Grey Lady picked up on this steaming-hot pile of Major News?

    Oh, thank goodness ABC News is ALSO on the case

    So many Democrats are playing the only card they feel they have left, the fear card, depicting their opponents as personally unacceptable.

    Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., for example, did not serve in the military but that isn't stopping him from using an anonymous narrator in a TV ad to assail his Republican opponent for not having served either.

    "It breaks an old soldier's heart to think that Daniel Webster could ever be elected to Congress," says the narrator, whom the Grayson campaign had declined to identify. "He doesn't love this country the way I do." has said the ad falsely impugns Webster's patriotism.

    If you're someone who has ever paid attention to any political race in the history of ever, none of this will surprise you. But if you're some sort of dewy-eyed, damp young fawn, freshly arising from the ground beneath your mother's undercarriage in order to stumble about adorably in the early-morning mist, shaking off placental remnants and taking your first breaths of oxygen, well — then you're probably AGHAST.

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  • Alan Grayson and "War Is Making You Poor" Act of Never Gonna Happen

    With Congress preparing to pass legislation to continue funding our highly successful double header wars in Iraq and Pakistan Afghanistan — allocating more hundreds of billions of dollars than is proper to mention in mixed company — isn't there somebody up there on Capitol Hill who's willing to do something loud and flashy and ultimately not particularly serious?

    Oh, look! Rep. Alan "Die Quickly" Grayson (D-FL) has an idea

    The War Is Making You Poor Act is elegant in its simplicity. Instead of financing these longstanding conflicts outside of the regular budgeting process, where they're not factored into deficit projections, Grayson’s bill would make the DoD work within its means, and the money would instead be used for an across-the-board tax cut that would make the first $35,000 each American earns tax-free.

    "The purpose of this bill," wrote Grayson last week, "is to connect the dots, and to show people in a real and concrete way the cost of these endless wars." It's not just the costs of active shooting wars; with hundreds of bases overseas, as far as the defense budget is concerned Americans have been on a permanent wartime footing, to varying degrees, since Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941. "War is a permanent feature of our societal landscape," wrote Grayson, "so much so that no one notices it anymore."

    Aaaaaawwwww… What a nice sentiment. This won't go anywhere. I mean, I hate to be a realist here, but The Pedophile Protection and Methamphetamine Production Act (which, I'm pretty sure is a real act that I'm not just making up right now) almost certainly has a better shot of passing Congress than this.

    The bill already has several co-sponsors, including at least two Republicans (albeit maverick GOPers Ron Paul of Texas and Walter Jones of South Carolina).

    Oh, Ron Paul likes it? Well, I totally stand totally corrected. Now it's certain to be taken seriously.

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