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Alice Stewart
  • Santorum Aide Accidentally Says Obama Has "Radical Islamic Policies"

    Oh, my! What a hilarious comedy of errors Santorum aide Alice Stewart treated us to this afternoon. I might be mistaken here, but wasn't something very similar to this a plot line on one of the latter-day Three's Company episodes?

    A spokeswoman for former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum said Monday that she "misspoke" when she said the candidate had been describing President Obama's "radical Islamic policies."

    [O]n Monday, Santorum aide Alice Stewart told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, while elaborating on what the candidate sees as a dangerous environmental agenda, Stewart said Santorum was speaking of the "radical Islamic policies the president has."

    "I was talking about radical environmental policies and I misspoke," Stewart told The Fix. "I regret it."

    Totally understandable and relatable mistake! Could have happened to anybody. In fact, it happened to mejust the other day.

    My wife and I were having dinner with some friends we hadn't seen in a while, and I meant to comment on how creamy the mashed potatoes were, but I accidentally accused my friend of trying to impose Sharia Law upon the whole of humanity. Oops!

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