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  • Actual Propositions That People Are Standing in Line to Vote for Today

    by Dina Hashem

    With issues of fiscal policy, government administration, elections and campaigns, and, most notably, the legalization of a certain 'drug,' dominating the November 2nd elections, we'd like to take a moment to examine some of the more lighthearted issues on the ballots. Issues like hunting rights, as represented by Tennessee, South Carolina, Arizona, and Arkansas.

    Each of these states have proposed constitutional amendments providing for the right to hunt, while opponents argue that there is no threat to hunting, and that the measure is 'frivolous and unnecessary.' Why, I've never heard a more superfluous and gratuitous criticism in my life! What could be less frivolous and unnecessary than an amendment which protects a right we already have? For the answer to that riddle, we turn to the people of Kansas and their Right to Bear Arms Question. Also known as Constitutional Amendment Question 1, the measure would allow the right to bear arms for lawful purposes. Well, is someone going to tell Kansas that their question was answered in 1787? Ah yes, Paul Hemke from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence stated that, "The U.S. Supreme Court in two different decisions over the last two years has determined that the 2nd amendment is applicable to the states. This is completely ridiculous and unnecessary." I and the people of Kansas beg to differ: reassuring them of their right to bear arms, a right already protected by the second amendment of the US Constitution, would certainly be to their benefit; clearly they can't read.

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  • Blanche Lincoln Works with a Bunch of Babies

    Arkansas Democrat Blanche Lincoln's re-election campaign is off to a roaring start with her first TV ad, in which she informs us that her colleagues in the Senate need a time out

    So is the solution to Washington's woes re-electing Blanche Lincoln?

    Or is it cookies and a nap?

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  • No Recording Allowed at Sarah Palin's First State GOP Event in Arkansas

    Tonight Sarah Palin arrives in Little Rock to address the Arkansas Republican Party, the first time she's headlined a state GOP event — oooh, and right in Mike Huckabee's backyard. Maybe they'll have a folksy-off at dawn.

    One thing that won't happen is any taping of Palin's appearance, according to KTHV in Little Rock

    The state GOP also says the media will not be able to get any footage of Palin during the entire event. That includes her arrival, her speech inside the arena and her departure.

    They will only let us sit inside and take notes during Palin's remarks and later get crowd reaction outside.

    [State GOP chairman Doyle] Webb says they're following protocal [sic] from the Washington Speaker's Bureau that's organizing Palin's visit. We tried to contact the Washington Bureau for an explanation, but their offices have been closed since Friday afternoon. State GOP leaders here couldn't provide any further contact numbers for the bureau.

    Inneresting. Well, here's the Washington Bureau's website's FAQ section, which reads in part:

    Q: Is it possible to record the speaker's presentation?

    A: Most speakers approve recording for archival purposes, but every speaker is different, and some are sensitive about taping. In all cases, you need to ask permission from WSB before recording of any kind.

    So it sounds like the recording/no recording question may be up to the speakers, not the bureau, and for some crazy reason — I can't think of one off the top of my head — Sarah Palin doesn't want to be taped. Weird! I wonder why that's a problem.

    Anyway, let's hope those KTHV reporters scribble lots of notes on their palms while she's talking.

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  • Bill Clinton, Former Governor of Arkansas, Hospitalized

    Former Arkansas governor and failed congressional candidate William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton was hospitalized in New York City — where he was presumably visiting for vacation — just a little while ago…

    Bill Clinton was rushed to a Manhattan hospital late this afternoon, sources tell ABC News.

    Clinton, 63, was transported to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan for a condition related to his heart.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the Governor's wife and children, as well as the good people of Arkansas, in this difficult time.

    Update: I have just become aware that the former governor — an amateur jazz saxophonist– has "had two stents inserted Thursday to prop open a clogged heart artery," is in good spirits and is expected to be able to go back to playing his reed instrument of choice in no time.

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  • Ranking the States by Smart Thinkingness

    The Pew Forum just recently concluded a national poll of how states rank concerning their citizens' "tolerance of people unlike themselves and respect for critical thinking/reason."

    The top ten list is more than a little shocking…

    Just kidding. That's a list of states with the highest percentage of citizens who "say religion is very important in their lives."

    Here's the complete list…

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