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Ashley Todd
  • Scarlet "B" Fall Out: Fox News Exec Calls Election for Barack Obama

    Here's a weird little curlicue to the Ashley Todd story: A big wheel over at the Fox News cracker factory kind of predicted it as the last nail in John McCain's (non-literal) coffin

    Earlier today, John Moody, executive vice president at Fox News, commented on his blog there that "this incident could become a watershed event in the 11 days before the election. If Ms. Todd's allegations are proven accurate, some voters may revisit their support for Senator Obama, not because they are racists (with due respect to Rep. John Murtha), but because they suddenly feel they do not know enough about the Democratic nominee.

    "If the incident turns out to be a hoax, Senator McCain's quest for the presidency is over, forever linked to race-baiting."

    As I said before, I don't think that's fair. John McCain has no control over what some idiot volunteer does to her own face.

    However, I do need to acknowledge that, if the executive vice president of Fox News said it, it must be true.

    And, if it is true, it's actually kind of tragic for Ashley Todd. I mean, she went to all of the trouble (well, some of the trouble) of carving her face up and concocting a story with the intention (as idiotic and wrong-headed as it might have been) so that a man she supports passionately could pick up steam in an important election.

    If Moody is right, she'd have produced the exact opposite effect and ruined his chances. I feel kinda sorry for her.

    But, ya know, fuck her.

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  • Matt Drudge Eats His Press Hat

    So, Matt Drudge was all over that bogus Ashley Todd story last night, with the red headline and the flashing siren.

    I don't know if it's because he actually believed it or if he's just that desperate for any "good" news for McCain.

    Whatever the case, he at least re-pulled out the bold, red font for the headline "SHE MADE IT UP!" He deserves props for that.

    However, I still think I prefer this one, provided by Digg commenter stagmire

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  • McCain Volunteer Also Found to Be Terrible Liar

    Well, that mystery didn't last very long

    Police sources tell KDKA that a campaign worker has now confessed to making up a story that a mugger attacked her and cut the letter "B" in her face after seeing her McCain bumper sticker…

    Ashley Todd, 20, of Texas, initially told police that she was robbed at an ATM in Bloomfield and that the suspect became enraged and started beating her after seeing her GOP sticker on her car…

    Investigators did say that they received photos from the ATM machine and "the photographs were verified as not being the victim making the transaction."…

    The commander added that Todd will face charges; but police have not commented on what those charges will be…

    Pittsburgh Police Public Information Officer Diane Richard released a statement earlier today, saying: "Because of the inconsistencies in her statements, Ms. Todd was asked to submit to a polygraph examination which she agreed to do."

    I'm guessing she failed that test. But that's just a guess.

    Just one point I'd like to make, though. Even if her story had been true, that wouldn't give one little extra piece of credence to any reasons to vote against Obama. Right? One random crazy person doesn't represent a politcal camapign.

    So, this bullshit story shouldn't be considered as a reason to vote against John McCain. There are plenty of other legitmate reasons to find.

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  • McCain Volunteer Reports Attack by Obama Supporter

    No matter which way you look at it, this sucks

    Pittsburgh police are investigating after a volunteer for the Republican campaign says she was attacked by a mugger who became enraged after seeing a John McCain bumper sticker on her car last night.

    According to police, Ashley Todd, 20, said she was robbed at an ATM at the corner of Liberty Avenue and Pearl Street in the Bloomfield area around 9pm Wednesday after leaving a Republican phone bank.

    Todd told police that the suspect, described only as a dark-skinned African-American man about 6'4", stole $60 from her and became enraged after seeing a bumper sticker supporting Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain on her car… After repeatedly hitting, kicking and threatening her, Todd told police that the man carved a "B" in her cheek.

    Shit like this really, really pisses me off. And my immediate reaction was fume angrily about it in front of my computer. (Really, it was my only option.)

    But, then — and I'm kind of ashamed to admit this — I started to get a weird feeling about it. And I'll tell you why…

    Here's this young white girl who's a McCain volunteer in an incredibly important swing state who Twitters

    Stubbornly searching for a bank of america to avoid ATM fees.
    Thu, 23 Oct 2008 00:23:21

    Pretty sure I'm on the wrong side of pittsburgh
    Thu, 23 Oct 2008 00:45:59

    …just before this huge, scary black guy comes out and attacks her and is such an overwhelming Obama supporter that he carves a "B" backwards in her face at the mere sight of a McCain sticker on her car. And he's not caught on a security camera. And then she doesn't seek medical attention.

    I'm not saying it's not true. I'm really not. In fact, I'm assuming that it is true. And I'm assuming that some motherfucker somewhere in Pittsburgh deserves to be left alone in a room with Michael Vick and his friends for fifteen minutes or so.

    However, something about the story just seems off to me.

    A little bit of research turned up a particularly chilling twist, something I never thought would occur… Michelle Malkin is on the same page as me

    I've reported on the great lengths that warped attention-seekers have gone to in perpetrating fake hate crimes, including beating themselves up, carving swastikas on their dorm room doors and walls, locking themselves in bathroom stalls, and burning down their own houses…

    This seems to me to have shades of Paul Mirecki (note that there was a photo in that case, too), Sarah Marshak, and Tawana Brawley all over it.

    If I'm wrong, I'll apologize. If I'm right, will this woman?

    I actually agree with Malkin completely on this one. And I'm looking forward to apologizing alongside her in a day or so when more information comes out.

    Either way, tensions are obviously running extremely high on both sides of the aisle right now. I'm looking forward to the end of all this. When we can all just go back to hating each other at tolerable volumes.

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