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  • The New York Times Brings You to Obituary-Writing School

    Here's an interesting point about Ted Kennedy, his long life and his long career from his New York Times' obit….

    "He was a quintessential Kennedy, in the sense that he had all the warts as well as all the charisma and a lot of the strengths," said Norman J. Ornstein, a political scientist at the American Enterprise Institute.

    "If his father, Joe, had surveyed, from an early age up to the time of his death, all of his children, his sons in particular, and asked to rank them on talents, effectiveness, likelihood to have an impact on the world, Ted would have been a very poor fourth. Joe, John, Bobby… Ted.

    "He was the survivor," Mr. Ornstein continued. "He was not a shining star that burned brightly and faded away. He had a long, steady glow."

    So, Ted Kennedy's greatest strength was his ability to not get himself killed in war or assassinated at an early age? Am I wrong, or is that the takeaway message from that quote?

    Now, I'm not a fancy New York Times obituary writer, but — to my crude non-obituary-writing ears — that seems like kind of shitty thing to say about a person who just died.

    But I guess that's why the New York Times never did hire me to write obituaries for them. (Though, I'm still holding out hope that my resume slipped between the desk and the wall.)

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  • Colbert Defends Cheney's Hit Squads

    On last night's Colbert Report, Stephen discussed former VP Dick Cheney's secret assassination squads. I admit, I'm sort of on the fence about this, but at least it helps explain that time Cheney shot his lawyer. Harry Whittington must have had an Al Qaeda operative on his face.

    Coverage continues after the jump.

    The Colbert Report airs Monday through Thursday at 11:30pm / 10:30c.

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  • The Blog Hole: So Long Souter, Obama's Secret and Horror In Holland

    Getting Ready To Rumble: As if things on Capitol Hill weren't complicated enough, David Souter's soon-to-be vacant Supreme Court seat will just make things bananas in Powertown. Chris Cilliza points out that the President is going to have to stump to win national approval for whatever Godless liberal he's going to want to nominate. []

    Tinfoil Hat Tantrums: Conspiracy theories are the favored refuge of the politically shellshocked. Which is why the Right Wing can't stop spinning nonsense about President Obama. Reihan Salam responds to their most popular, paranoid trope: that our President is a secret Muslim. Possibly, a double top secret Muslim. []

    Debunking The Obama Effect: David Weigel takes a rhetorical Ginsu knife to the rhetorical conservative trope that President Obama won office surfing a tidal wave of support from African-Americans. That, in fact, he won because he was a racial novelty. In fact, blacks have consistently voted Democrat for decades. Much the way Jesus has personally voted Republican since, oh, dinosaurs roamed the Earth 10,000 years ago. []

    Assassination Attempt By Car: A driver tries to ram the Dutch Queen during her annual parade, and ends up killing five. Nick Squires unravels the facts surrounding this truly bizarre attack on a European royal family. []

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  • Rexburg, Idaho Wishes It Could Go Back to Being Famous for Whatever It Used to Be Famous For

    Shawn Larsen, the mayor of Rexburg, Idaho, has released an apology on behalf of his town, where a busload of local schoolchildren were recently witnessed chanting, "assassinate Obama," drawing headlines and overshadowing Rexburg's highest national per-capita Schnauzer population.

    "I am extremely sorry that this incident occurred, and I do not believe that it reflects the values which make our community a great place to live and raise a family," Larsen wrote. "Parents must realize that things said in anger or even in jest can have lasting repercussions not only damaging young hearts and minds, but a city's reputation."

    That's nice and all, but what has apologizing ever accomplished? Rexburg Schools Superintendent Geoffrey Thomas knows what I'm talking about.

    "In our district there was an isolated instance of children making regrettable and unacceptable remarks in regards to harming President-elect Obama," Thomas wrote in a letter to parents Monday. "Word of this behavior leaked out to a hyperactive media and bloggers which in turn distorted way out of proportion the comments that were made, painting the entire community with the same negative brush."

    My thoughts exactly! Leave it to the hyperactive media and bloggers to distort "assassinate Obama" into something bad.

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  • Editorial: Please Don't Blow Up Your Opponents

    Many pundits have attempted to analyze how the assassination of Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto will effect the United States 2008 presidential election. We, at Indecision 2008, would like to weigh in on this discussion with a simple plea to all of the candidates:

    Please do not be influenced by this horrific act.

    We understand that such a quick and effective elimination of competition may prove tempting, but are of the feeling that this behavior is anathema to the appropriate code of conduct for a U.S. presidentia. Though we are aware that each and every one of you, the 2008 candidates, are able and capable candidates, willing to change the strategy of your campaign given the wisdom of new-found information (you, in particular, Mr. Romney), we would like to ask that you use a modicum of self-restraint given recent developments.

    We must also address our comments to our current president, George W. Bush.

    One of the likely outcomes of Bhutto's assassination is that elections will be suspended. Such a thing may seem like a positive development, Mr. President, but condoning or instigating such developments is below the conduct expected by a head of state.

    It may seem kind of odd that we would bring this up at this point, but we felt it necessary given your November 21, 2007 comment regarding Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf's declaration of emergency rule, when, after he fired members of the Pakistani Supreme Court, you stated that he "hasn't crossed the line" and "truly is somebody who believes in democracy."

    Given that, we thought: Eeehhhh… let's just broach the subject.

    So, let's just agree that all candidates — both parties — live to see the end of this process. For old times sake, huh?

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