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  • Pastafarianism Suffers Legal Setback

    There's a reason why the United States is often accused of hypocrisy when it comes to human rights. For how can we look at the speck that is in our brother's eye, but not notice the spaghetti strand in our own?

    Motor vehicle workers in Dayton [New Jersey] called police on a man who insisted on wearing a pasta strainer on his head during the taking of his driver’s license photo, according to a police report.

    The man, Aaron Williams, 25, who gave an Egg Harbor Township address, told motor vehicle workers the strainer was a religious head covering and he had a right to wear it in his driver's license photo.

    The treatment of Williams at the hands of the New Jersey DMV is in sharp contrast to the case of Austrian Niko Alm, who in 2011 won the right to appear on his driving license with a spaghetti strainer on his head, as befits a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    The faith boasts "millions, if not thousands of devout worshipers," and entered public consciousness in 2005, when self-proclaimed prophet Bobby Henderson demanded that the religion receive equal time in Kansas schools after the state's school board called for the introduction of "intelligent design" into the curriculum.

    May it one day find as much acceptance among our local government bureaucracies as any other religion. Amen. Ramen.

    Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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