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  • Is This VW Super Bowl Ad Das Racist? [VIDEO]

    Volkswagen's entry in the high-stakes world of Super Bowl 2013 commercials features an office with the case of the Mondays that's transformed by the sunny disposition of a decidedly white colleague who speaks in an upbeat Jamaican patois.

    That green-light meeting must have been interesting, mon.

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  • Mitt Romney Has Won Over All the Women Yay!

    The main goal for Republicans at this week's RNC was to woo the women, and man did they do it. Mission accomplished! There were soooo many women who attended and spoke at the event. Democrats may whine that giving so many speaking slots to women and minorities smacks of "tokenism," but Republicans know the DNC are the ones with loosest slots in town (pssst: Sandra Fluke). So cross your legs and sit up straight, ladyvoters, because here's proof that Mitt Romney is gonna close that gap…

    The recent blowup in the Missouri Senate race, in which Republican candidate Todd Akin asserted that women rarely get pregnant in cases of "legitimate rape," hardly helped the GOP’s image.

    Oh darn. Sorry. I must have copied the wrong quote. Here we go…

    Ms. Brickley, like just about everyone else, brings up Romney’s not-so-secret weapon: Ann. "She was sincere and spoke from the heart," Brickley says, noting her emphasis on love.

    When New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie came out and said, "Tonight, we choose respect over love," Brickley says, "that disturbed me a bit."

    Knucklesnorts! I don't know why this keeps happening. I'm just trying to find a story that states definitively that Romney has won over the hearts, minds and uteri of women everywhere, regardless of their previous political affiliation. Wait. Here…

    Wasserman Schultz dismissed the female speakers this week as in it for themselves, rather than genuinely supporting Mitt Romney.

    "I think they spent the week in infomercials for their candidates for 2016," she said. "I mean I think the thing that I noticed the most about Tuesday and Wednesday night, was the parade of future leaders of their party who spent a tremendous amount of time promoting themselves, and took a very long time, if they ever did get to promoting their candidate, Mitt Romney."

    Come on now, that's way harsh. Romney has done everything he can to try to make women understand how much he appreciates and respects them. He's been trying to relate to women's rights ever since he's gotten into this election, especially a woman's right to change her mind. Am I right? Hey-o!

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  • Romney Ad Outsources Footage of Ohio to Oklahoma

    Last week Mitt Romney released an ad featuring a man telling a story of how General Motors ended his line of credit and shut down his dealership following the 2009 restructuring of the auto industry.

    Beyond the irony of Romney campaigning against the shutdown of dealerships after writing an op-ed headlined "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt," there's one more problem with the commercial…

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  • 11% of People Think Mitt Romney Deserves Credit for Auto Bailout

    mitt romneyOkay, so, on the one hand. Only eleven percent of people polled believe that Mitt Romney deserves credit for the auto bailout to which he was quite outspokenly opposed.

    On the other hand, however, a whopping eleven percent of people polled believe that Mitt Romney deserves credit for the auto bailout to which he was quite outspokenly opposed!!!

    According to the latest Daily Kos/SEIU State of the Nation poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, just 11 percent of Americans believe Mitt Romney deserves "a lot of credit" for saving the auto industry, while 69 percent say he does not.

    This was one of those rare political questions on which there is across-the-board unanimity: Even a majority of Republicans and conservatives say Romney does not deserve credit for bringing back the auto industry. Still, 22 percent of tea party supporters, 20 percent of Republicans and 19 percent of conservatives did give him credit…

    Outside of the political right, support for Romney's claim was almost nonexistent. Five percent of Democrats agreed with him as did 9 percent of independents and 7 percent of moderates.

    According to the poll's internals, 1,000 sentient adult human beings (380 of which were Democrats) took part in this poll, which means that 110 of those people said "Oh yeah, let's give that guy credit for this because okay." And 19 of them were Democrats.

    Makes you wonder how absurd a lie would have to be to knock those numbers down? Do you think that if he said he invented the sky, he'd get less than five percent believing him? Maybe. But I'm relatively certain he'd get a solid 4 percent regardless.

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  • Obama Responds to Mitt Romney's Auto Industry Salvation Claim

    This is a losing game for the Obama campaign, and they don't even have the sense to realize it. If this video mocking Mitt Romney for taking credit for saving Detroit is as effective as it appears like it might be, Romney is just going to take credit for it…

    After the jump, Jon Stewart responds to Romney's claims in his own way from last night's Daily Show.

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