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  • President Obama Still Less Progressive Than "The Golden Girls"

    There's something about Democrats and gay marriage that seems to evoke memories of beloved sitcoms. First, there was Joe Biden's infamous gay marriage endorsement on Sunday, in which he credited Will & Grace with making gay relationships mainstream.

    And now, there's this Golden Girls clip making the rounds on the Internet

    Any television show that features plot lines about topics like gay marriage, AIDS, women's sexuality, death, and immigration could be considered controversial. But a television show that debuted in 1985 — in the middle of Ronald Reagan's presidency — tackling those topics? That's downright radical. And that's exactly what "The Golden Girls" was — radical…

    In [the show], Sophia, a devoutly Catholic matriarch, explains to her roommate Blanche why everyone deserves the chance to get married — and she did it over twenty years before Obama said the exact same thing.

    While the President may not be as cutting-edge and forward-thinking as The Golden Girls or Will & Grace, unlike Republicans, he at least believes in the Big Bang Theory and doesn't model his family life on Leave It to Beaver.

    By standing up to all the homophobes and publicly supporting marriage equality, President Obama showed true courage and proved he's a real man. Like Bea Arthur. Perhaps he can win over those Florida retirees after all.

    Incidentally, the show's theme song, "Thank You For Being A Friend," is also what Mitt Romney says to all his favorite corporations.

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