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  • Why Are Movie Things Not Just Like Real Life Things?

    Debbie Schlussel makes an excellent point over on Big Hollywood: Why is it okay for totally-invented, not-real, pretend, ficticious movie characters to be make-believe waterboarded through the use of special effects, editing and trick photography, but it's not okay for real, live, breathing, human beings to be for-real waterboarded by U.S. soldiers acting under orders from absent superiors?

    The story of "Last House [on the Left]" is that of a girl and her friend tortured by a gang of criminals. The girl… is raped and left for dead. When her parents discover that the people they welcomed into their house are the perpetrators, they take revenge.

    Among the revenge mechanisms the parents employ to kill these thugs is waterboarding. They waterboard one of the thugs in the kitchen sink (and do something else far more disturbing…). I watched the audience rightfully applaud this. The guy was a brutal killer and accessory to rape. He deserved it. It's the true justice we rarely see in our clogged, broken "justice" system. And I remember that the audience also applauded when Wesley Snipes waterboarded a (non-Muslim) terrorist hijacker in the airplane toilet in "Passenger 57." He deserved it, too, and Snipes was trying to save the people on the flight.

    So, I ask myself (and you), why do Hollywood liberals applaud the use of waterboarding on a criminal thug who only tortured and/or murdered two women and on a non-Muslim airplane hijacker, yet it's not okay to do it to men like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who murdered 3,000 Americans and knows of future plans to snuff out many more?

    Goddamn Hollywood liberals and liberal majority of U.S. movie audiences. What a bunch of hypocrites.

    If I had my way, they'd all be eaten by half-human/half-tiger beasts genetically created on a secret island by some kind of scientific mastermind. Would totally serve them right.

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