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  • "An American Carol" to Be Just as Successful as "Half Hour News Hour"

    Ha ha! I'll bet David Zucker is having a nice big laugh at Bill Maher's expense right now.

    His brand new movie — the, by all accounts, brilliant piece conservative cinema merde, An American Carolwent head to head with Maher's also-just-opening anti-religious-dogma Religulous. And it beat it at the box office by a whole $310,000.

    And it was only showing on 3.26 times as many screens!

    There's a lesson to be learned here: Conservatives are always funny.

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  • Weekend Movie Guide: "An American Carol" and "Religulous"

    Between tomorrow and Tuesday, America must endure four consecutive days without a televised executive branch debate. But before you desperately resort to reading or exercise to pass the hours, why not take in a movie at your local cineplex?

    The right-wing readership of this blog (assuming he logs in today), might want to patronize "An American Carol," the new pro-war right-wing comedy from one of the guys who brought you The Naked Gun.

    "An American Carol" features almost every prominent conservative in Hollywood, including…

    * Chris Farley’s thinner, less funny younger brother.

    * Gary Coleman as a slave.

    * Kelsey Grammar being dickish for a change.

    * Dennis Hopper confusing everyone who saw him in "Easy Rider."

    * Papa Bear Bill O’Reilly as himself!!

    The film's main goal is to denigrate Michael Moore (totally redundant if you've ever seen "Canadian Bacon"), and to advocate war as a fine solution to life’s problems.

    Those who are of the Moore persuasion themselves should skip "An American Carol" and instead see "Religulous," a new documentary from Bill Maher and Larry Charles that critically profiles world religious beliefs, from Christianity to Judaism to Mormonism to Scientology.

    No word as of press time what "Religulous" has to say about creationist, tongue-speaking, "witchcraft-free" Holy War crusaders who want to "pray away the gay," which is all the more reason you should be watching the VP debate tonight.

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  • Jon Stewart and Bill Maher Prefer John McCain Because He Was in a War… or at Least They Did Nine Years Ago

    Bill Maher is gonna be talking with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show tonight.

    I wonder if they'll both, once again, reach the consensus that John McCain is preferable to the other guy because he was in a war (and, apparently, drank his own urine) and the other guy wasn't?

    Like at the 1:00 minute mark of this Daily Show clip from 1999…

    Goes to show you how much the world has changed in nine years. If you notice, Bill and Jon aren't just saying they choose McCain over George W. Bush.

    They're saying they choose him over George W. Bush, and the two Democrats: Bill Bradley and Al Gore.

    To be fair, though, the late '90s were the days of McCain 1.0.

    UPDATE: No surprise, no endorsement for McCain from either Jon or Bill last night.  They didn't talk much election politics but Bill Maher does refer to Obama as "our boy."  Stewart remains uncommitted.

    Part 2 after the jump…

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  • Debate & Tackle: Mash-ter & Commander

    Yahoo News, Slate and the Huffington Post unveiled their version of a debate today: the Democratic Candidate Mashup, hosted by Charlie Rose and Bill Maher from inside the center of the darkest pit of the Earth's core.

    However, their somewhat open definition of the word mashup appears to be "any collection of media that plays in any kind of variable order." By that definition, our Songs to Do Pilates To playlist on iTunes is also a mashup. Quite frankly, we were a little underwhelmed with the presentation.

    Here's some actual candidate mashups…

    Pimp My Ron Paul feat. R. Kelly

    Mitt Romney on Sex

    The Bestest Candidate Debate

    What are some of your favorite candidate mashups? Drop your links (or just embed them) in the comments section of this post.

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