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  • Sizing Up the Possibility of a Nightmare Ticket


    After months and months and (seemingly) months of a protracted battle for the Democratic nomination, full of name-calling, finger pointing and shame-blaming, some people just can't let go of the idea of a supposed "dream" ticket, according to the New York Times…

    "It would be great to see them on the same ticket — they had attracted so many new voters and so much excitement, it seems so obvious," said Sam Spencer, an uncommitted superdelegate from Maine. "Hillary would be the L.B.J. of 1960 — both served longer and had more experience, and L.B.J. was willing to take the vice presidency. And Obama would only come into his own more as vice president."

    Oh, that would work out so beautifully for all those uncommitted superdelegates like Sam Spencer. It would be a perfect situation: Two powerhouse politicians on one ticket, two historic candidates, two huge fund raisers. And — most importantly — no need to make a decision.

    All that stands in the way are a few pesky details — like the fact that Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton want to be done with each other, starting now.

    No, really?

    And that Mr. Clinton bitterly believes that the Obama camp has portrayed him as a brutish, race-baiting campaigner, according to two associates of Mr. Clinton. On top of that, Obama aides assert, Mrs. Clinton's baggage would damage Mr. Obama's image in a New York minute. And they also believe that the Clinton camp's negative tone seems a poor match for Mr. Hope.

    Seriously, would anybody actually wish such a fate on either candidate? Can you imagine being handcuffed to a person with whom you just had a four-month argument… for four to eight years? And which one of them would be willing stick a pin in their head and deflate some of the ego to take second spot in a historic presidential administration?

    But, you know, I guess weirder things have happened.

    To be precise, aides for both candidates would not rule out the idea of a joint ticket — though it was hard to hear it through all the laughing.

    But cheer up, Democrats. If McCain wins in November, we still have a chance to see a Biden/Richardson ticket in 2012.

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  • Richardson Calls for Clinton to Drop Out If She Loses

    Former Democratic primary candidate and current Judas of Santa Fe, Bill Richardson — who served in the Clinton presidential administration and has often publically defended Hillary Clinton — has some thoughts for his former First Lady

    New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, fresh off his endorsement of Barack Obama this week, suggested Sunday that Hillary Rodham Clinton should consider dropping out of the race if she trails in the delegate count and popular vote at the end of the primary process… "It shouldn't just be Bush-Clinton, Bush-Clinton, you know, what about the rest of us…" {Richardson said]. "It's important we bring in a new generation of leadership."

    Richardson's thoughts have been echoed by many other political talking heads, with some even going so far as to suggest that Sen. Clinton should drop out and pull back on her attacks on her opponent should Sen. Obama end up winning the nomination at the Democratic convention in August and then the general election in November. Though, most also find it extremely unlikely that she will.

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  • Bill Richardson Endorses Obama, Ending Obama's Long, Painful Stretch of Not Having Bill Richardson's Endorsement

    Barack Obama has had a rough two weeks. What could help him out of it? Hey, remember when Ted Kennedy endorsed him? That was great! And super effective. Maybe all he needs is another endorsement — way late in the game, I'm thinking. From someone like Ted Kennedy, but much less well known.

    Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, who sought to become the nation�s first Hispanic president this year, plans to endorse Senator Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination on Friday at a campaign event in Oregon.

    Yeah, that's the ticket. What credentials on that guy! Ambassador to the UN, Governor of a state that more than 68% of Americans know about. Kinda ran for president, maybe once?

    As the nation�s only Hispanic governor, Mr. Richardson could become a champion for Mr. Obama among Hispanic voters, who have been a key voting bloc for Mrs. Clinton in the primaries thus far. And his endorsement is also notable because he is a friend and admirer of Mrs. Clinton, and was widely viewed as a possible running mate for both her and for Mr. Obama.

    Right on! A high-profile endorsement from a prominent member of a minority group that votes singularly for Hillary Clinton is just what Obama needs a mere TWO AND A HALF WEEKS after an important primary in a state where a disproportionate number of voters from that group reside!

    Now if he could only snag the Doc Brown endorsement he could go back and win that thing!

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  • Richardson Wary of Nevada Wedgie

    Apparently, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson's shocking decision to drop out of the Democratic primary race, despite his large fraction of a percent of national support, was mostly due to fear related to embarrassingly low numbers in his next door neighbor state of Nevada.

    Said one adviser, "It wouldn't do us any good to get our ass kicked in Nevada."

    At a staff meeting today, people were told that Richardson will not endorse Obama or Clinton — but release any supporters to whomever they prefer.

    Most Richardson supporters are expected to choose to return — bleary-eyed, confused and traumatized — to their families.

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  • Another One Bites the Dust

    After coming in fourth in both Iowa and New Hampshire, Bill Richardson has decided to call it a day.

    So, in case you're keeping score at home…Clinton, Edwards and Obama, check. Kucinich? Still in, for the long haul, totally. Gravel? Still in, though sometimes he's thought of as out. And Seacrest? Out.

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