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  • Obstructionist Partisanship? There's a Rep for That!

    I have a feeling this is not what Michael Steele had in mind when he promised to re-brand the GOP has newer and hipper…

    Don't you hate, though, how these funny vial clips often make unkind assertions about politicians and leave you wondering if they have any proof to back up their claims. Well, turns out, there's a post for that.

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  • New Congressman Has Huge Crush on Other Congressman

    Last week, Idaho shocked the nation by electing its first Democrat to Congress since 1994, Walter Minnick.  Minnick defeated incumbent Bill Sali on a platform of job creation, sensible foreign policy, and environmental stewardship.

    But now Minnick wants to add one more plank to that platform: copying everything that Utah Congressman Jim Matheson does

    Congressman-elect Walt Minnick says western and northern Idaho voters who chose him over one-term incumbent Republican Bill Sali need only look one state southward to see how a Democratic lawmaker can be effective in a largely GOP state.

    U.S. Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, has won five times by focusing on constituent services — and by appearing to break ranks with leaders such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on votes including October’s $700 billion bailout.

    Like Matheson, Minnick is a Harvard University graduate. And like Matheson, Minnick has vowed to reach across the aisle to his Republican counterparts.

    He and Matheson ran similar campaigns, each reluctant to emphasize Democratic ties. And Matheson invited Minnick to join the “Blue Dog Coalition,” about 50 fiscally conservative House Democrats, according to the group’s Web site.

    Minnick has promised that his first act once sworn into office will be covering his copy of the Congressional Record with Matheson's name, and occasionally with the name "Walter Matheson."

    Anyway, it's appropriate that these two will be working closely together, since Idaho and Utah are more alike than ever.  For instance, Idaho residents donated $400,000 to the Mormon Church's efforts to outlaw same-sex marriage in California.  And scientists working jointly at the University of Idaho and Utah State University recently cloned a mule.

    Their follow-up project, apparently, was cloning a Congressman.

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  • Democratic Identity Theft on the Rise

    Democrats have been called a lot of things over the years: pinheads, terrorists, surrender monkeys, Volvo-drivers… but it's time to add a new insult to the list.

    Identity thieves.

    It seems that the Idaho Democratic Party inadvertently put out a campaign flier that displayed the Social Security numbers of Republican Congressman Bill Sali and his wife. The flier was critical of Sali for filing his income taxes late and struggling with personal debt. Somehow, the Democrats got hold of the Congressman's tax return (possibly using a Nigerian phishing scheme) and reprinted it, personal information and all.

    The flap could potentially shake up what has been a very competitive election…

    The Democratic Party of Idaho has been criticized this week for publishing the social security numbers of GOP Rep. Bill Sali and his wife. The numbers were printed in a Democratic campaign mailer highlighting the Sali's difficulty paying off debts in the 1980s.

    Sali is an a surprisingly tough reelection bid, probably due to what Congressional Quarterly calls his "manner" rather than his ideology, which is a decent enough match for his reliably conservative district that includes the western half of the state. Apparently, Idaho's other Republican congressman, Mike Simpson, once got so frustrated by Sali that he threatened to toss him out of a statehouse window when they served as state legislators in Boise. Democratic candidate Walt Minnick, a moderate businessman who ran against Larry Craig six years ago, leads Sali by 6 points according to the latest SurveyUSA poll.

    So it sounds like Sali might lose his identity and his seat in Congress.

    Moral of the story: he should have gone with LifeLock, the number one identity theft prevention service in America. Hi, I'm Todd Davis, CEO of LifeLock, and yes, that's my real social security number!

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