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Bob Casey
  • Sen. Bob Casey, the Only Pennsylvaniite to Support Obama

    Another big time superdelegate has decided to break his strict policy of being a little waffling bitch and endorse a Democratic candidate.

    And you'll never guess which one he chose…

    In a surprise move, Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania has endorsed Senator Barack Obama in advance of the April 22 Democratic primary. Mr. Casey had said he would remain neutral in the race in part because he wanted to help broker a reconciliation between Mr. Obama and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton afterward.

    "I believe in my heart that there is one person who's uniquely qualified to lead us in that new direction and that is Barack Obama." Mr. Casey said during a rally in Pittsburgh Friday.

    Seriously, when was the last time that we heard of someone coming forward and endorsing Hillary Clinton. And not someone who's been campaigning for Clinton since January? (And not Jack Nicholson.) Are the Clinton people even trying to get newsworthy endorsements?

    And how sad is it if they are trying?

    The really interesting thing about Casey's endorsement right now is that it runs in opposition to the way the rest of his state is leaning. With Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter both firmly in Clinton's camp and all the polls showing a huge lead in her favor, this makes Casey pretty much the only person in Pennsyltucky in Obama's court.

    Seems odd. I wonder how a thing like that would happen…

    But a person close to Mr. Casey said that the Senator had traveled to Florida over Easter and that rain had forced him to stay inside and he began to think more seriously about an endorsement. "He spent a lot of time thinking about it," this person said, and he came to the conclusion that the race was "too important" to remain on the sidelines.

    Thanks, person. That explanation was thing. String of letters forming sentence.

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