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  • Friday's Links: Neil deGrasse Tyson on Thor

    * Neil deGrasse Tyson knows everything about Gods, too.

    * Friday is a great day to watch goats yelling like people.

    * Inside the military strategy of The Empire Strikes Back.

    An argument for naturalization, from our own River Clegg.

    * Universal health care and their Parliament debates zombies?

    * Fictional presidents that actually sound pretty good nowadays.

    * Jeopardy boss and funny person Ken Jenning's weekly news quiz.

    * The Dana Gould Hour has two Boston guys talking politics (not Affleck and Damon).

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  • Liberals Discover Joys of Government Discrimination Against Chick-fil-A

    Like a proud parent witnessing his child's first steps, it's been a pleasure to see liberals grow to embrace the wonders of government-backed retaliation against political views they oppose.

    You might remember the Ground Zero Mosque debate, the controversy surrounding a proposed community center that in the great American tradition of Joe the Plumber was neither a mosque nor at Ground Zero. Newt Gingrich suggested that we adopt the Saudi Arabia standard of religious tolerance ("There should be no mosque near Ground Zero in New York so long as there are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia,") and use zoning laws to create a mosque restriction zone in lower Manhattan. A conservative candidate for governor of New York, Carl Paladino, suggested the government use eminent domain to prevent construction of the community center.

    Liberals were rightly outraged, not just at the right-wing desire to limit buildings for Muslims to Guantanamo Bay, but because of the constitutional principles at stake. Whatever the merits of the mosque, the Free Speech Clause of the 1st Amendment means the government generally may not discriminate against an entity because of what it says or teaches.

    Now witness the celebratory lefty reaction to Boston mayor Thomas Menino's take on Chick-fil-A, the fast food chain bent on protecting us from the threat of homosexual chicken marriage, or something.

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  • Romney Campaign Attacks Barack Obama for Failing to Pander to Red Sox Fans

    mitt romneyDuring last night's trip to the proverbial ATM in Boston, Barack Obama took a lighthearted barb at Red Sox fans as he thanked the organization for trading Kevin Youkilis to his hometown Chicago White Sox.  "Finally, Boston I just want to say — thank-you for Youkilis," was the line that precipitated a chorus of boos

    As boos swelled up from the floor and down down from the double balconies at Symphony Hall, Obama chuckled.

    "I'm just saying, he had to change the color of his socks," the president said with a building grin.

    "I didn't anticipate boos out of here," he added as some of the boos turned to the low rumble of "Y-o-o-u-k."

    Naturally, the Romney campaign responded with a single-minded focus on the economy, pointing out that Massachusetts still has a 6.5% unemployment rate  by mocking the president for his failure to abandon his White Sox fandom and pander to Boston fans. In this morning's email to reporters, the Romney camp wrote, "Maybe the President should have congratulated the team for winning the World Series in 2004 and 2007. Instead, he chose to mock them."

    The subroutine that governs Romney's ability to identify playful sports banter, without mentioned team owners, clearly needs a little work, because precisely 0% of voters are going to be offended by a sports fan's casual ribbing of the opposition.

    At the same time, it's nice that Romney hasn't yet fired his position on Red Sox Nation. Now he just needs a position on immigration, pay equity for women and tax policy.

    Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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  • Boston Globe Endorses Barack Obama for GOP Nomination

    The Boston Globe finally weighed in on the Republican race and endorsed President Obama.

    Well, indirectly

    Jon Huntsman's presidential campaign received a major boost on Thursday evening when the former Utah governor received the endorsement of the Boston Globe, the most influential paper in New Hampshire…

    The actual substance of the endorsement may not make conservative hearts swoon — focused, as it is, on Huntsman's cooperation with the Obama administration — but in the Granite State, where independents can vote in the Republican primary, it's a big time coup.

    See, by drawing voters toward Huntsman and away from Romney, the Globe is giving a huge boost to not-Romney frontrunner Rick Santorum, who has about the same chance of beating Obama as a jarred fetus.

    What explains Boston's deep-seated resentment toward Romney, their native son? Well, it appears he violated the cardinal rule of every working-class Boston stock-movie character: Never forget where you came from.

    Sure, Romney was happy being the governor for a while, but then he decided to go big-time and get all fancy, talkin' shit about us and our universal health care. Now he's wicked famous and wants to come back here and get our support? No way in hell. Go Pats.

    Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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  • From the Pork Barrel: Wicked Pissah

    * They pahked the wah on Christmas neah Hahvahd Yahd. (Click that link for the video, then meet me at Cumbie's to discuss.)

    * Ron Paul signed Personhood USA's pro-life pledge, prompting Personhood USA to question Paul's commitment to the pro-life cause.

    * Speaking of Ron Paul, there are two new Federal Reserve Board nominees for him to want audited/investigated/restrained in a basement.

    * If you feel a little different later this week, it's because the president is having the national debt limit raised from $15.194 trillion to $16.394 trillion.

    TwitVid still from @southsouth, via The Boston Globe

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