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  • Exclusive – Fox News Anchor Bret Baier's Extended Interview from The Daily Show

    Last night, Jon Stewart talked with Fox News' Bret Baier and things got… well, interesting. They also got long. So long that their stirring conversation about Fox's laudable journalistic integrity spilled over from the TV and onto the Internet.

    Here is their conversation in its entirety…

    Part 1

    The interview continues after the jump.

    The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11/10c.

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  • The Story of How I Tried to Write about Bret Baier's Interview with President Obama

    Mary: Hey, boss. I want to do a post about Obama's appearance on Fox News yesterday, that cool? They've got the transcript up, and I think the–

    Dennis: Okay, but what is the angle of the post?

    Mary: Well, I was going to say that I–

    Dennis: Are you sure? Have you got another idea for it?

    Mary: Baier wouldn't let the president finish his thoughts, which, I mean, he clearly wanted soundbites and Obama wasn't–

    Dennis: This post will be one-sixth of our afternoon content, do you realize that? One-sixth.

    Mary: I know, I–

    Dennis: So how can you–

    Mary: The notion that–

    Dennis: –guarantee it's not–

    Mary: –speaking in complete paragraphs is–

    Dennis: –the same as–

    Mary: Dude, you've got to let me finish my–

    Dennis: We're almost out of time. Do you think you can have something ready to post in like ten minutes?

    Mary: I–

    Dennis: I apologize for interrupting you, I'm just trying to get the most for our buck here.

    Mary: Ten minutes, yeah, fine.

    Dennis: Thank you very much.

    Mary: No, thank you.

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  • Fox News's Bret Baier to Interview Barack Obama About Health Care Reform (and Probably Some Socialist Muslim Stuff Too)

    As you may have heard, Barack Obama — in an effort to sway fictional voters on health care albatross around his neck  — has suspended his boycott of Fox News long enough to be interviewed by the network's former chief White House correspondent Bret Baier later on today.

    Fox News — always at the front of a story about Fox News — was there to interview the Fox News anchor about the upcoming Fox News interview that will be shown on Fox News…

    What kind of preparation and research will you be doing to get ready?
    I have been talking to a number of Fox correspondents and bouncing ideas off of them. We have a "brainroom" that has been working on some facts and figures for me… and I have been reading thousands of viewers responses — some really smart questions in the bunch.

    Yes, I've heard about this. It's a closed system, kind of the hydrologic cycle. A producer goes into the room where they keep the Fox News brain and, after translating electromagnetic pulses into talking points, runs into the news room to feed the copied talking points to the Fox News anchors who rephrase the talking points as questions which they ask their pundits on the air.

    Viewers memorize these questions and ask them of one another repeatedly until they have been completely ingrained in their cerebral cortexes. Then, once the Fox News producers have secured an interview appointment with a prominent liberal politician, the Fox News anchors ask their viewers what questions should be asked, at which time the viewers respond with questions originally provided by the Fox News brain. The politicians answers are fed back into the Fox News brain, and the cycle repeats itself.

    It's actually a beautiful, beautiful dance of nature.

    But, hey, that's all probably a little too Inside baseball for the common viewer. ("I don't care how my Fox News sausage is made, I just care that it's not served with some fruity French mustard with white wine in it.") What about the questions about the interview about the later-on-tonight interview that the people are really dying to know?

    [H]ow do you decide what you will wear? Oh, and have you decided which fold to use for your pocket square?
    Haha… my wife, Amy, will have final say in the morning. But, it IS St. Patrick's Day.. and I am Irish (and German…and so is my wife)… so… I think green will be included somewhere. The pocket square is always included… we'll see what Amy pulls out for me in a few hours… she’s the fashion consultant. Please tune in… it should be interesting!!

    Hahahahaha! VERY INTERESTING!!

    I mean, will he go for the three-corners up pocket square fold?! My head says no, but my heart says yes! All I know is I simply cannot wait to find out!

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