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Buddy Roemer
  • Herman Cain Cancels, Breaks Stephen Colbert's Heart

    Herman Cain is no longer Stephen's guest for tomorrow night's show. But hey, hey, look at me. That doesn't mean that either of them loves you any less. It just means that, well, they've got other things that they need to do. Like, Stephen needs to interview newly-announced Republican candidate Buddy Roemer. And Herman needs to… Well, um.. I'm sure he'll find something to do.

    The Colbert Report airs Monday through Thursday at 11:30/10:30c.

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  • Meet Future President Buddy Roemer

    Call off the confusing straw polls and forget those expensive campaigns! The 2012 election was decided on Thursday when a true political superstar announced his run for our nation's highest office.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the next President of the United States…. Charles "Buddy" Roemer!

    Charles "Buddy" Roemer is trying to stage a comeback. After nearly two decades out of office, the four-term congressman and one-time Louisiana governor declared his candidacy for president on Thursday in New Hampshire.

    An old-fashioned, charismatic Southern pol, the thrice-married, twice-divorced candidate may be hamstrung by his negligible name recognition, constituency, and funds.

    Like several past presidents, he's got a Harvard degree, a charming Southern accent, an acceptably-boring mainline Protestant faith (hi, Methodists!), and an adorable farmboy past. Plus, his third wife is named Scarlett, which is just hilarious. Why on earth should little things like lack of money and lack of anyone outside Louisiana knowing who the hell he is keep this fellow from rising to the top?

    Behold the words of the man himself

    "I'd love to be president. I would settle for somebody better than me, but I haven't seen them out there."

    Well, if that kind of fiery, impassioned rhetoric doesn't spark a Roemer revolution, we don't know what will.

    Photo by Steve Pope/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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