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  • Jon Stewart Interviews Condoleezza Rice

    On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart sat down with Condoleezza Rice to discuss her new book. Jon admitted to being charmed by the former Secretary of State, and after watching the interview, I have to admit she does have an ability to charm. Though, I believe the technical term is "glamour."

    Part two can be found below.

    The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11pm / 10c.

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  • Senate Report Blames Donald Rumsfeld for Osama bin Laden Still Being Not-Dead

    The U.S. Senate is today releasing a report entitled "Tora Bora Revisited: How We Failed to Get Bin Laden and Why It Matters Today," which — if I'm not mistaken — is a kind of modern retelling of Evelyn Waugh's classic "Brideshead Revisted."

    Except instead of dealing with "the unmerited and unilateral act of love by which God continually calls souls to Himself," it's more about how former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld let Osama bin Laden slip away from U.S. troops way back in 2001…

    It points the finger directly at Rumsfeld for turning down requests for reinforcements as Bin Laden was trapped in December 2001 in caves and tunnels in a mountainous area of eastern Afghanistan known as Tora Bora.

    "The vast array of American military power, from sniper teams to the most mobile divisions of the marine corps and the army, was kept on the sidelines," the report says. "Instead, the US command chose to rely on airstrikes and untrained Afghan militias to attack Bin Laden and on Pakistan's loosely organized Frontier Corps to seal his escape routes."…

    [T]he report — commissioned by Senator John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — says Bin Laden expected to die and had even written a will. But the Al-Qaeda leader would live to fight another day."

    From what I understand, they're hoping to get Colin Firth to play Bin Laden in the film version.

    You know, so they can capture the terrorist's roguish good looks and recapture some of their "Bridget Jones' Report on the U.S. Intelligence Community's Prewar Intelligence Assessments on Iraq" audience.

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  • Condoleezza Rice Will Not "Chirp" at Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton

    So, I guess it's kind of official now. The Tonight Show is Meet the Press for dumb people…

    Here's the former Secretary of State responding to a question about Dick Cheney decision to be a total dick chain in the press lately…

    "I know what it's like to have people chirping at you when they perhaps don’t know what’s going on inside. These are quality people. I know them. They love the country. And they won't make the same decisions, perhaps, that we did. But I believe they'll do what they think is best for the country and I'll give my advice privately and keep it to myself."

    All this post-Bush-administration stuff is difficult for me to deal with. I kinda like the words coming out of her mouth now, but then I remember how easily she was led around by the nose for the past eight years, and I want kick a wall.

    Here's a response from Ed Morrissey, a conservative who's prone to clearer thinking when it comes to her…

    Rice gets it right on Cheney, but for the wrong reasons. “Chirping" at politicians come from disagreements on policy, and every American can speak to that. I think it’s bad politics (and another step away from a good tradition, of which Al Gore is more guilty) for Cheney to assume the lead in public Republican opposition to Obama’s policies, and that Republicans need the space to groom the next generation of leaders, and hopefully really soon.

    To dismiss Cheney's criticisms as “chirping” and suggest that a man who had been at the forefront of national-security policy doesn’t understand the issues is flat-out wrong.

    I agree. You can't really characterize anything Dick Cheney does as chirping.

    "Growling," "puking" or "festering" are probably better words to use.

    (via Matt Lewis)

    Update: Best comment ever?

    I thought Meet The Press was Meet The Press for dumb people? (Matt P)

    I think you're thinking of Fox News Sunday.

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  • Michael Mukasey Back on Streets and Attorney Generalizing Again

    Attorney General Michael Mukasey — who had a bad case of the vapors during a speech last night — was released from the hospital earlier this afternoon, and appears to be in tip-top shape

    Attorney General Michael Mukasey has checked out of a hospital and plans to return to work Friday afternoon after collapsing while delivering a speech Thursday night.

    In an e-mail he wrote to Justice Department employees, Mukasey said "All tests at the hospital have come back with good results, and I feel fine." The attorney general, NBC reports, "had a clear MRI and normal CT scan, and doctors have ruled out a mini-stroke or TIA."

    Well, that's good news. Good for him.

    So, now that it's been confirmed that he's okay, are we allowed to make fun of him again?

    Because I just noticed that he bears an uncanny resemblance to a shiitake mushroom.

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  • Attorney General Michael Mukasey Falls Down, But He'll Get Up Again

    This isn't funny in the slightest: Last night Attorney General Michael Mukasey collapsed while giving a speech at the Federalist Society dinner in Washington.

    No word yet on what caused him to lose consciousness, but emergency responders transported Mukasey to George Washington University Hospital, where he was admitted for observation.

    Happily, reports this morning seem to indicate Mukasey's condition has improved…

    Justice spokesman Peter Carr said Mukasey did not transfer his power to Deputy Attorney General Mark Filip.

    "The attorney general is conscious, conversant and alert," Carr said after Mukasey was hospitalized.

    And best of all, he's had no late-night visits from Bush operatives who want him to authorize illegal spying programs.

    Those are terrible for your health.

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