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  • Tweet Roundup: Pope Benedict Ages Out

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  • Pope Benedict Gives Up Papacy for Lent

    Pope Benedict XVI has a message for the faithful this Lenten season: you are not going to out-Catholic the Pope. You abstain from soda, he'll give up ice cream. You give up Facebook, he'll stop tweeting as @pontifex. You stop eating meat, he'll stop being the Pope.

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  • Our Endorsements: Mitt Romney's Cache

    * Romney's leaked Google search history.

    * ADHD unveils some sort of Robomneybamarom.

    * Taking stock of campaign stock photography.

    * Someone has a crush on Romney.

    * The Get Your War On office didn't get the memo (NSFW).

    * Presidential sour rounds sounds about right.

    * Glenn Beck unveils a new clothing line, from

    * Mitt Romney is hiding something awful in his spotify account.

    * Children draw the issues they want to address in this year's election.

    * President Obama and Romney fight it out with humor, for a change.

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  • TSA Hired Alleged Molester Priest to Make Us Safer

    One rare locus of agreement between congressional Democrats and Republicans concerns the Department of Homeland Security's Transportation Safety Administration. Yes, it's a corrupt boondoggle that does little to keep Americans safe, but it's our  bipartisan corrupt boondoggle that does little to keep Americans safe, so long may it grope.

    Fortunately, the TSA has redeeming features. Americans looking for career advice are always being told to "do what you love," and in the case of one alleged pedophile, the TSA made dreams come true

    About four months after being defrocked by the Diocese of Camden in 2002, Thomas Harkins had a new job as a security officer, including patting down passengers, with the Transportation Security Administration at Philadelphia International Airport.

    The TSA hired the former priest before completing a background check, the agency recently confirmed. According to a church document, the diocese revealed to the TSA in 2003 as part of the background check that Harkins had been removed from ministry because of allegations he had molested two grade-school girls. Harkins was never criminally prosecuted, but the diocese settled civil lawsuits for $195,000.

    The TSA took no action as a result of the disclosure.

    Now, now, you say, "An organization that has a higher tolerance for child molestation than the Catholic Church is an institutional failure." I say, the government has finally discarded an outdated civil service system in favor of hiring people based on qualifications. No Al-Qaeda "grade-school girl" will be smuggling a bomb in "her" pants under the TSA's watch.

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  • Rick Santorum Says Obama Is Forcing Americans Into a Life of Sin

    Rick SantorumWake up, people! This is the liberal agenda in full effect!

    Did you think that left-wing politicians like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton and eight-years-ago Mitt Romney were going to be content with forcing society into accepting alternative lifestyles like homosexuality and being a woman? Oh, no! They won't be content until they drag every last one of us down into their sick gutter of sinfulness!

    Don't take my word for it

    Former presidential hopeful Rick Santorum said Wednesday that President Barack Obama is "directly assaulting" religious freedom and that his administration has implemented policies that force Catholics to abandon their faith.

    "We have a president who, for the first time in American history, is directly assaulting the First Amendment and freedom of religion," Santorum said. "He is going to tell you what to do in the practice of your faith. He is forcing business people right now to do things that are against their conscience, that they will have to — if you're a Catholic — you'll have to go to confession… to confess that you are complying with a government program that is a sin in the Catholic Church."

    I'm assuming that Santorum is referring to how Obama is making it mandatory for businesses to include birth control in their health care benefits even if they would rather not condone female employees having sex for purposes other than procreation. But I might be wrong. Could be Obama's been force-feeding meat to people during Lent.

    I wouldn't put anything past this monster.

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