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  • Gary Johnson Files an Official Complaint Over Not Getting to Degrade Himself with the Rest of the GOP Candidates

    Can you imagine how hard it must be to know that there's a big clown show going on just around the block, and — though you've spent the evening smearing your face with multicolored greasepaint — no novelty-sized invitation has arrived in your mailbox? That's kind of what Gary Johnson has been dealing with lately with regards to the GOP debates.

    But, you know what? He's going to do something about it. And by "do something about it," I mean file some paperwork that will most likely be ignored

    Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign is filing an official complaint with both the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over their candidate’s exclusion from the most recent GOP debate, Johnson’s campaign announced Tuesday.

    Johnson’s complaint charges that debate sponsor CBS significantly contributed to the candidates who were allowed to participate in the debate, "directly and significantly supporting those candidates it favors, and advocating the nomination of one of their favorites and opposing the nomination of [Johnson], whom CBS evidently disfavors."…

    Saturday’s debate, co-hosted by CBS and National Journal, was the first debate to air on broadcast television. According to Johnson’s complaint, "the public owns the airways over which CBS broadcasts, and the public deserves to be free from bias —  favoring some candidates over others — as well as illegal support of certain presidential candidates on national network television."

    Sure he's polling terribly with the Republican base and has just-next-to-no-chance of winning his party's nomination. But is that really an excuse for the media to exclude him from getting to bang his head against a metaphorical wall of solid granite on national television?

    If it were, then what's Rick Santorum doing up there?

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  • Stephen Colbert on the Accidental Michele Bachmann E-Mail

    Truly shocking news. The very idea that a debate moderator would direct fewer questions to a less prominent candidate…

    The Colbert Report airs Monday through Thursday at 11:30/10:30c.

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  • Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman Torture GOP with Sane Foreign Policy Views

    I once thought Marxist constitutional law professor Barack Obama was going to abide by the Geneva Conventions and bring back the rule of law, yet Saturday evening found the Republican presidential candidates discussing bombing foreigners foreign policy, so clearly torture is still practiced in the United States. But just Who Would Jesus Waterboard, according to the candidates who participated in the partially-televised, partially-smoke-signaled South Carolina debate?

    According to supposed crazy person Ron Paul, who was allowed to speak for a total of 90 seconds in the first hour of the debate (for how can you allow disagreement in a debate?), not even Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve Board deserve torture…

    Well, waterboarding is torture. It's illegal under international law and under our law. It's also immoral. And it's also very impractical. There's no evidence that you really get reliable evidence. Why would you accept the position of torturing 100 people because you know one person might have information? And that's what you do when you accept the principle of torture. I think it's uncivilized and has no practical advantages and is really un-American to accept on principle that we will torture people that we capture.

    Oh, that crazy uncle Ron. Every real Republican knows our government is incapable of providing health care and education, incompetent at regulating environmental pollutants, ineffective at constructing infrastructure, feckless in its attempts at consumer protection, and inept at conducting basic scientific research, but it's constitutionally impossible for the government to make a mistake when it comes to deciding which person to execute, assassinate or torture. This makes perfect sense. Like when I refuse to let my nephew handle a steak knife, because he's a first-grader, but trust him to conduct open-heart surgery, because what's the worst that can happen?

    We diminish our standing in the world and the values that we project, which include liberty, democracy, human rights, and open markets, when we torture. We should not torture. Waterboarding is torture. We dilute ourselves down like a whole lot of other countries. And we lose that ability to project values that a lot of people in corners of this world are still relying on the United States to stand up for them.

    That's the worst that can happen, according to Jon Huntsman. Doesn't sound so bad. Maybe I'll get my nephew that scalpel for Christmas after all.

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  • LiveBlog: The GOP Foreign Policy Debate in South Carolina

    9:28 – Well, after sitting through that for 90 minutes, I'm not surprised that most of these candidates are so supportive of torture.

    Thanks for watching tonight's debate with us. It made the whole experience slightly less scarring. Let us know what you thought of all that in the comments.

    9:26 – Oh, and Newt Gingrich can be the Marshmallow Man!

    9:25 – When they remake Ghostbusters, Rick Santorum should be cast as Walter Peck.

    9:23 – It seems unfair that Romney gets to debate with these other people. Shouldn't they have a maximum maturity limit?

    9:20 – Herman Cain: "Pakistan is one of the nine nations that have a nuclear weapon." Oh, he came so close!

    9:17 – Newt Gingrich is doing something really dirty with his hands right now. I think it's some kind of swinger's signal.

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  • LiveBlogging the GOP Foreign Policy Debate in South Carolina, Sat. 11/12 @8/7c

    After the 14th or 15th GOP debate this season, someone must have pointed out that the candidates had yet to have a thorough discussion about U.S. foreign policy. Or more likely, that they had yet to have a thorough discussion about U.S. foreign policy and how great that Ryan Gosling movie Drive was. So they flipped a coin…

    Foreign policy it is. Join us here and @TheInDecider Saturday, 11/12 at 8/7c for real-time coverage of the GOP debate at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

    Seriously, though. They can't ignore Drive forever.

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