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  • House Bans Census Mailings That Aren't Census Mailings

    If you received one of the GOP's fundraising letters designed to look like an official U.S. Census form, hang on to it (assuming you didn't "return it along with your generous contribution") — that piece of paper could soon be an historic artifact

    The House passed legislation Wednesday that would ban misleading mailings designed to appear they're from the Census Bureau, following criticism that Republican groups were sending fundraising letters using the census name.

    Under the bill, mailings marked "census" will be required to state the name and address of the sender, along with an unambiguous disclaimer that the survey was not affiliated with the federal government.

    The legislation passed 416-0, after two Republicans who sit on the House panel overseeing the census, Rep. Darrell Issa of California and Jason Chaffetz of Utah, agreed to co-sponsor the measure. Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., has said he intends to move forward with legislation in the Senate.

    See how easy it is for Congress to get things done, if people put their minds to it?

    Now why can't they be as efficient about banning the actual Census, the way Michele Bachmann wanted all along?

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  • Harry Reid Opened Mouth, Inserted Foot, Mumbled About "Negro Dialect"

    harry-reid-vertSo there's this new book called Game Change, which uses hundreds of anonymous insider interviews to recount dirt from the 2008 presidential election. In a nutshell: all the major players were egomaniacs who hated each other and said mean things in private meetings. Game changing!

    But one bit of gossip stands out from the rest…

    [Sen. Harry Reid] was wowed by Obama's oratorical gifts and believed that the country was ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially one such as Obama — a "light-skinned" African American "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one," as he said privately. Reid was convinced, in fact, that Obama's race would help him more than hurt him in a bid for the Democratic nomination.

    That's the second time this week that the almost-n-word has caused controversy

    A U.S. Census Bureau spokesman said the use of the term "negro" on the 2010 Census is intended to offer some older African-Americans a new identifier.

    The New York Daily News said while some African-American residents of New York questioned the use of the term in this year's census, bureau spokesman Jack Martin called it a term of inclusion.

    "Many older African-Americans identified themselves that way, and many still do," Martin said. "Those who identify themselves as Negroes need to be included."

    So what's really behind the Senate majority leader's insensitive remark, which is prompting Republican calls for his resignation? Is he a racist? Has he spent too much time palling around with older African-Americans?

    Or is Harry Reid simply trying to qualify for the men's Olympic downhill stupid team?

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  • Fill Out Your Census Form or Jesus Will Be Un-Born this Christmas

    census-jesus-ad-indysize"This is how Jesus was born. Joseph and Mary participated in the Census," reads this poster from the National Association of Latino Elected Officials, a group that is encouraging Latino participation in the 2010 Census.

    (Like Michele Bachmann, some members of the Latino community dislike the Census, which is used to assist the ACORN takeover of America allocate federal funds and Congressional representation. Unlike Michele Bachmann, reasons given by the Latino community include "we're boycotting until the government reforms immigration laws" and "I am afraid I will be deported.")

    In other words, the GOP's war on the Census is exactly the same as the war on Christmas, and boycotting the Census is the same as saying the Christ Child never should've been born.

    Final tally: Jesus 1 gazillion, Bachmann 0.

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  • This Is One Census Form the GOP Wants You to Fill Out

    michael-steele-thumbs-upJust so you know, that "2009 Congressional District Census" that arrived in your mailbox the other day is not, in fact, an official Census Bureau mailer. Nope, it's a fundraising appeal/personal information request from the GOP — you know, the party that loves the census so much.

    The clunking sound you hear is the sound of RNC marketing whizzes striking again

    [T]he mailer appears clearly designed to mislead recipients into thinking that it's an official Census Bureau survey, which people are required by law to fill out.

    It's entitled, in bold, "2009 Congressional District Census." (The words "commissioned by the Republican Party" appear just below that, in much smaller and lighter type.) Above the recipient's address, it says: "Census Document Registered To." And it even includes a "Census Tracking Code."

    Below that there are a bunch of questions about voting and political views, and instructions, which say "When finished answering your Census, please return it along with your generous contribution in the enclosed postage-paid envelope." Well, you know what they say — if you can't beat 'em, impersonate 'em (for money).

    Which reminds me, I'm looking forward to the GOP's next fundraising dinner. I hear it's going to look just like a same-sex wedding.

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  • Dear 46.3 Million Americans: Get Sick and Die! Love, America

    mom-kid-thermometerA little FYI from the Census Bureau: the number of Americans without health insurance rose from 45.7 million in 2007 to 46.3 million in 2008

    The percentage of people covered by private health insurance and from their employers declined to 66.7 percent, continuing a downward trend that has been going for eight years. But the decrease was offset by the an increase in people covered by government health insurance programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program and the military.

    If this report is to believed it might put some sort of logic-shaped dent in the Republican argument that the best mix of health care in this country is 100% private insurers + 0% Government Interference, but come on, it's the Census Bureau.

    You don't have to be Joe Wilson to know the Census Bureau is one big lie.

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