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Christopher Hitchens
  • Liberalism Sure Isn't What It Used to Be

    Change truly has come to the nation. Change of all kinds. Even some words are changing their meanings. Like, for example, "liberal."

    Balloon Juice points us to this has its list of the “The 25 Most Influential Liberals In The U.S. Media“. Here’s some of the people on the list: Maureen Dowd, Tom Friedman, Chris Hitchens, Andrew Sullivan, Fareed Zakaria, Fred Hiatt.

    Come on! Where's Christopher Buckley? He said something nice about Barack Obama once. What about Joe Scarborough? He's on MSNBC; that must qualify him as a liberal, right?

    Wait a minute! Scott McClellan's not on the list? He wrote a book that was critical of his time spent in Bush's administration. If that doesn't make you a liberal, what does?

    And, really, couldn't we get Sean Hannity on that list? He supports the Emancipation Proclamation. Doesn't that qualify him for consideration?

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  • Is Anybody Still Supporting John McCain? Anybody?

    Jesus! The Republican Party sure is hemorrhaging conservative support as the last grains of sand twirl through the election hour glass.

    Earlier today, we got news that former U.S. Press Secretary Scott "The Weasel" McClellan — who recently came out against the Bush administration's illegal activities in the Iraq debacle about six years too late — will be voting for Barack Obama.

    Now we're finding out that an actual honest-to-god McCain campaign adviser, Charles Fried, has already voted for Obama. His rationale? Because of McCain's "choice of Sarah Palin at a time of deep national crisis."

    And — since we're already feeling light-headed from the blood loss — we might as well go all the way and watch two conservatives give their reasons for voting against McCain from tonight's edition of Hardball: former Massachusetts governor and Mitt Romney supporter William Weld and the world's drunkest intellectual and Iraq War apologist, Christopher Hitchens. Weld, in his Obama endorsement, is very respectful of McCain. Hitchens is less so (and, therefore, more entertaining), calling McCain "weird" several times and implying that he might even be going senile. No, I correct myself… coming right out and saying that.

    And that's just today. A few days ago, libertarian-conservative Christopher Buckley — who shares DNA with conservative icon William F. Buckley — sat down with Chris Matthews. After the jump…

    And, I would be remiss if I didn't mention Buckley's recent conversation with Jon Stewart…

    Is that enough anemia for now?

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  • The Specter of Michael Dukakis Rears Its Ugly Head

    Wow! For a guy who's been off the political radar for about twenty years, you certainly have seen Michael Dukakis' name in the news lately!

    The former Massachusetts governor and former Democratic nominee for president has been pretty much off the radar screen since losing to George H.W. Bush in 1988. Served on the Amtrak Board of Directors, a little college teaching… you get the idea.

    But now he's back!

    First off in countless articles previewing tonight's scheduled debate, which unfailingly mention his botched response in a 1988 debate to a bizarre question about the hypothetical rape and murder of his wife.

    Then there was the harsh Christopher Hitchens piece in Slate, titled "Is Obama Another Dukakis?" and subtitled "Why is Obama So Vapid, Hesitant, and Gutless?" Ouch!

    And finally there was a comparison of Obama to Dukakis by… Dukakis himself!

    Seems he did an interview with in which he warned the Democratic nominee against getting the same "Willie Horton" race-bating smears he suffered in 1988.

    The only appropriate way to cap off this media blitz would be to take one more ceremonial ride in the tank!

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