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  • Chuck Hagel's Haters [PHOTOS]

    Obama's nominee for Secretary of Defense has no shortage of critics. The fact that he has problems might be the only thing gay rights activists and Republican hawks agree on. Here's a look at what's really motivating his detractors.

    Sen. John McCain.
    Stated Reason for Criticism: Hagel's national security positions, particularly his break with Republicans over the Iraq invasion and troop surge.
    Actual Reason: Hagel's unofficial support for Obama during the 2008 campaign, when the GOP nominee was… oh, right.

    See them allĀ here.


    Photo by Bill Clark – Contributor/CQ-Roll Call Group/Getty Images

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  • The Best Chuck Hagel v. Georg Hegel Jokes

    One is a former Republican senator soon to be nominated by President Obama to lead the Department of Defense. The other was a German philosopher whose dialectical theory of history was later adopted and revised by Marxists. The Internet knew what had to be done.

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  • Chuck Hagel: Rush Limbaugh Can't Be GOP's "Center of Gravity" Anymore

    Retired GOP senator Chuck Hagel seems unimpressed with Rush Limbaugh's governance of the Republican Party…

    Hagel spoke to David Corn yesterday, describing Rush Limbaugh as "the center of gravity" for the current GOP. "We need a new center of gravity," Hagel made clear.

    Maybe they should think about employing a supermassive black hole. It might not suck quite as much, but it'd probably have at least double the mass.

    Well, almost double.

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  • Chuck Hagel Unloads on GOP

    Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska has always been known as one of Washington's biggest moderates. He frequently reaches across the aisle and works with Democrats, and he even refused to endorse John McCain in this year's presidential race (his wife endorsed Barack Obama).

    Now, after not running for reelection, he has only two months left of his Senate career. And he apparently intends to use it bashing his own party

    Appearing at a forum at the Johns Hopkins School of Advances International Studies, the outgoing Nebraska Republican leveled harsh criticism at his own party, the lack of intellectual curiosity among some of his colleagues, the Bush administration's handling of nearly every aspect of governance and — perhaps most bitingly — the conservative radio voices that often dictate the GOP agenda.

    "We are educated by the great entertainers like Rush Limbaugh," said Hagel, sarcastically referencing the talk radio host who once called him "Senator Betrayus." "You know, I wish Rush Limbaugh and others like that would run for office. They have so much to contribute and so much leadership and they have an answer for everything. And they would be elected overwhelmingly," he offered. "[The truth is] they try to rip everyone down and make fools of everybody but they don't have any answers."

    Hagel is free to speak as he likes — he has nothing to gain or lose as he rides off into the sunset of retirement. I bet he can't wait to go back to Nebraska and live out the rest of his days in total obscurity.

    Unless… What's that, Mr. Obama? Did you say that you're looking for some Republicans to serve in your Cabinet?

    Well, I guess Chuck Hagel could maybe be persuaded to stay…

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  • Chuck Hagel Wants Nothing to Do With Your Stinking Election

    Republican Senator Chuck Hagel — against all reasonable logic — continues to get pointed toward as a possible VP pick by Barack Obama. So much so that, when it was announced that the Vice Presidential nominee's speech at the DNC will be on a veterans-themed day, eyes immediately turned to Hagel, a Vietnam vet.

    Hagel — a longtime friend of John McCain but staunch critic of the Iraq war — however, is having none of it

    "Sen. Hagel has no intention of getting involved in any of the campaigns, and is not planning to endorse either candidate," Hagel spokesman Jordan Stark said.

    The two-term senator from Nebraska is leaving office after his current term and will be overseas on official business during this year's party conventions, Stark said.

    Furthermore, he'll be spending most of the fall in a concrete block, submerged miles beneath the Earth's surface in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by sharks and aquatically-trained grizzly bears.

    So, really, don't even try to ask his opinion on which candidate he supports. It's not worth it.

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