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  • Todd Akin Might Still Win This Thing

    It's been about a month since Rep. Todd Akin went on television and accidentally said in public stuff that Republicans usually only say in private. But Sen. Claire McCaskill still only remains a few points ahead of Akin in polls, and now Republican money seems to be flowing back into Akin's campaign coffers.

    So, what exactly does this mean?

    But a month after his comments set the political world on fire, there’s a different feeling on the ground here among operatives, voters, activists and officials in both parties: Akin can still win.

    Akin's strategy rests on a big push to turn out the base in areas like conservative southwestern Missouri while stemming losses in Democratic-friendly bastions, such as the St. Louis region — all the while waging a pressure campaign on Republicans in Washington to send national money into a tightly contested race.

    The exact details of Akin's plan are a little complicated, but it can be easily simplified down to this: An Akin loss, under the current circumstances, would not be considered "legitimate" in the eyes of Republicans. But the GOP has ways to shut all that Claire McCaskill-winning stuff down.

    It's scientific.

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  • Karl Rove Jokes About Killing Todd Akin

    Like a gaseous, floating turd, Missouri's Todd Akin refuses to sink in the polls. The latest numbers, courtesy of Public Policy Polling, have incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill leading the legitimate rape theorist by just one point, 45-44%.

    Missouri Republicans are especially ready to forgive and forget…

    53% of voters say that they accept Akin's apology for his comments last week to 40% who do not. For most Missourians Akin's words weren't a permanent deal breaker. Although Democrats are not ready to forgive him, 77% of Republicans say they accept his apology to only 18% who do not…

    Akin's favorability numbers are still poor with 33% of voters rating him favorably to 56% with a negative opinion. But that's up a net 11 points from our survey last Monday when it came down at 24/58.

    There's a certainly disconnect between the state's electorate and national Republicans, who are concerned about Akin's impact on races in more moderate states and districts. Karl Rove, for one, would like to push Akin out of the race, and down a ravine…

    On the final morning of the Republican National Convention, Karl Rove took the stage at the Tampa Club to provide an exclusive breakfast briefing to about 70 of the Republican party's highest-earning and most powerful donors…He also detailed plans for Senate and House races, and joked, "We should sink Todd Akin. If he's found mysteriously murdered, don't look for my whereabouts!"

    It had better be an illegitimate murder attempt if there's any chance of it working.

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  • Democrat Claire McCaskill Is Todd Akin's Last Defender!

    Prior to his depiction of the female reproductive system as a legitimate rape detector, Todd Akin had been leading incumbent Missouri senator Claire McCaskill in the polls for months.

    Not anymore. A Mason-Dixon poll shows half of Akin's supporters want him to withdraw and stop assaulting the Republicans' chances of gaining control of the Senate. His favorability rating is 17 percent positive versus 56 percent negative, and he trails McCaskill by nine points.

    A chorus of Republican officials have called on Akin to step aside. Turns out, he is not a miraculous snow-flake who deserves the chance to live out his Senate candidacy to the fullest, but a burden that must be discarded.

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  • Please Hold While Rep. Todd Akin Notarizes Your Legitimate Rape

    Exciting news in the world of women's reproductive health was announced this weekend by a Republican member of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology and candidate for Senate, Missouri congressman Todd Akin…

    From what I understand from doctors, that's [pregnancy from rape] really rare. If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that down. But let's assume that maybe that didn't work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist and not attacking the child.

    Unfortunately, by "news," I meant to write "13th century pseudo-medical theory that has surprising cachet with parts of the pro-life movement."

    After an intense round of mockery and calls for him to withdraw from the Senate race against incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill, Akin said in a statement that he "misspoke," his less-advanced male body having failed to shut down the crazy thoughts being formed in his brain.

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  • Democrats Avoiding National Convention Like the Plague

    Why did the chicken cross the road? Because a chicken is an apt metaphorical representation of cowardly Democratic lawmakers and the road crossing was the quickest route away from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    While most liberals will be glad to bask in the warm rhetorical embrace of Barack Obama and other convention speakers, the problem lies with more conservative states. In places like West Virginia, which will not be sending its governor and other prominent Democrats to Charlotte, Democratic convention-goers are less popular than the attendees of ComicCon.

    Among the politicians jumping off the S.S. Democrat are Claire McCaskill, who was a prime time speaker at the 2008 Convention, Heidi Heitkamp, a surprisingly competitive candidate for a North Dakota senate seat, and Jon Tester, the incumbent senator from Montana. The latter abandonment comes as no surprise, since Montana is the state that features a travelling outhouse/"Obama Presidential Library," a revelation stunning only in the discovery that Montana has libraries.

    Nor are House candidates being encouraged to attend the festivities

    "If they want to win an election, they need to be in their districts," New York congressman Steve Israel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, told the Reuters Washington Summit on Tuesday.

    Israel emphasized that Democratic President Barack Obama's poll ratings — which have hovered around 50 percent — have little to do with his stance.

    "I don't care if the president was at 122 percent favorability right now," he said. "I think (candidates) should be in their districts," rather than spend time at the convention.

    I'm sure there's no way these candidates' opponents will be able to tie them to Obama and national Democrats now! But just in case, maybe they could take some additional precautions.

    In addition to staying away from this summer's most high-profile party gathering, they could avoid mentioning their party affiliation at all. Still, some voters could suspect that these candidates could be Democrats based on the things they say. So why not keep your mouth shut, or better yet, adopt Republican talking points? Then, they could change their registration to "Republican." That's clearly the path to Democratic electoral success!

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