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  • The Daily Show Captures Bipartisanship in the Wild

    Despite the contentiousness of our current political discourse, there are still some among us who believe that cooperation and bipartisanship are possible in America. But what are those people trying to hide, and why won't they show us their real birth certificates? And now that I think about it, I've never seen photographic evidence that proves they didn't push Baby Jessica down that well. On last night's Daily Show, John Oliver sat down with two such suspiciously reasonable politicians.

    The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11pm / 10c.

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  • Linda McMahon KO'd

    In the race to fill Chris Dodd's Senate seat in Connecticut, ABC News is projecting Democrat Richard Blumenthal will win over former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO and current Triple H's mother-in-law Linda McMahon, who famously donated $50 million dollars of her own money to her campaign.

    Projections are all well and good of course, but it's important to remember that the night is not yet over, and there's still plenty of time for Hacksaw Jim Duggan to appear out of nowhere and knock Blumenthal out of the race with a two-by-four.

    There also remains the possibility that right before the race is officially called, when the vote-counter comes out and does the thing where he lifts McMahon's hand up and lets it fall to the mat, that on the third drop, her arm will remain raised and she will regain her strength and make a surprising and swift comeback.

    Of course, if you ask me, this entire race is fake. They planned out who would win and lose months ago and rehearsed the whole thing.

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  • Barry On, My Wayward Son

    Oh, Barack Obama. If you are indeed a Muslamic Africanish person like all the genius whites in the Tea Party say, then you are clearly a member of one of those nomadic tribes over there in the Sahara. For, you see, it appears you love to wander to and fro, hither and yon.

    Look at your itinerary! Why, just this week you stopped in Washington and California, and look at what you're up to next week!

    The president makes three stops on Oct. 30, a week from tomorrow: Philadelphia, Pa., Bridgeport, Conn.; and finally his hometown of Chicago, Ill. All three of those states feature tight Nov. 2 races for the U.S. Senate, and could determine whether Democrats or Republicans control the chamber.

    On Sunday, Oct. 31, Obama and Vice President Biden will journey to Cleveland for a rally.

    Hmmmm… The Halloween rally sounds fine and dandy, but what are you doing in PA, CT, and IL on October 30th?! Don't you know there's a thing going on that a couple of guys at this company have been planning for literally days?! Haven't you been watching Fox News? They say the Dems are basically finished, forever, on November 2nd, and the whole party is just gonna dissolve and we will at long last be a one-party nation ruled by fascist hatemongers.

    So, y'know, why not come hang out with the rest of us on the National Mall and throw a sort of Irish wake with a nice Jewish boy and a sorta-French guy? This is absolutely what you should do, on the eve of the eve of the eve of the self-immolation of your Party of Evil.

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  • Hours Before Debate, Blumenthal's Fan Fiction Comes Back to Haunt Him

    You know when you're having dinner with a group of friends, and maybe somebody gets a little too crunkified and turns to one of the other guys and says something really mean but also totally true?

    The state of Connecticut is now that awkward dinner party, thanks to Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon's new attack ad against her opponent, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. Um, can we really call it an "attack" ad when it's just a "stating the actual facts" ad?

    The video the McMahon campaign obtained shows Mr. Blumenthal, the state’s attorney general, delivering an address that it says occurred in Bridgeport in 2003 to express support for American troops overseas. "When we returned, we saw nothing of this gratitude," Mr. Blumenthal said.

    The video of Mr. Blumenthal, who has been under fire for exaggerating his military record, was part of a 30-second advertisement in which the narrator asks: "If he lied about Vietnam, what else is he lying about?"

    Of course, if Blumenthal had been using "we" in the metaphorical sense, it might not have been such a big deal. But as the New York times points out it pointed out in May, Blumenthal has a history of, um, lying about history. In March 2008, he reportedly told a ceremony of Connecticut veterans and military supporters, "We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam. And you exemplify it." Ooh, except he totally never went to Vietnam and certainly was never in The Shit.

    Well, hey, maybe he just really, really liked Tim O'Brien's classic Vietnam memoir The Things They Carried, and, you know, was writing fan fiction. And then reciting that fan fiction as truth, in front of actual military veterans. This is akin to performing in a Star Wars-themed LARP festival in front of Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and whoever played Boba Fett. And that sounds like fun! Right? RIGHT? Blumenthal should probably use this defense tonight in his first formal debate with McMahon.

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  • Make-Believe Vietnam Vet Still Beating Real-Life Professional Wrestling Mogul in Connecticut Senate Race

    A new poll in Connecticut seems to show that voters there are not concerned with a candidate pretending to serve in a war that he never served in, just so long as he's not the former CEO of the largest professional wrestling league in the world who fires employees by kicking them in the dick on national television.

    Because, hey, every state has its limits

    [A] new poll from Quinnipiac University shows [Richard] Blumenthal is still dominating the race for Senate in the wake of a brutal New York Times story that accused him of lying about his military record.

    The poll, one of the most respected in Connecticut politics, shows Blumenthal ahead of likely Republican nominee Linda McMahon by a whopping 25 points. He leads the race by a margin of 56-31. That's down somewhat from the astronomical 61-28 lead Blumenthal had in the March Q poll, but — as they say in the business — anything over 20 is a good day.

    Tell that to my Spanish-American war buddies who died over there in Iwo Jima fighting for the liberation of Catalonia. You think they'd say anything over 20 is a good day? Ha! They ate the number 20 for breakfast. And they were thankful for it!

    Think about that.

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