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Connor Ratliff
  • The Indecision 11: Connor Ratliff

    Connor Ratliff running for presidentWelcome to The Indecision 11, our soft-hitting — caressing, really — politics questionnaire for smart, funny people. This week: Connor Ratliff, a ridiculously funny comedian and performer. He's the co-star and co-creator of the web series I'm Too Fragile for This, a regular on The Chris Gethard Show, and a member of the improv supergroup The Stepfathers (catch 'em every Friday night at the UCB Theatre-Chelsea in New York). As if this weren't enough, Mr. Ratliff is running for president. Yes, of the United States. After all, he's 37 years old, and you only have to be 35 to run. Visit his official campaign website, buy tickets to his campaign film screening on 10/15 at 92Y Tribeca, and for the love of democracy, follow him on Twitter:  @35ratliff2012.

    What's your earliest political memory?
    I think it was probably a Reagan thing. Maybe learning that Reagan was in a movie called Bedtime For Bonzo. That made an impression on me, that you could be in a movie with a chimp and then later on be president.

    I have a drawing I did of Reagan and Gaddafi when I was like 7 or 8 years old. I drew them as babies. Baby Reagan was hitting Baby Gaddafi, and Baby Gaddafi was crying.

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