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  • Rolling Across the Aisle, Week 9

    Welcome to week 9 of RAAL, the only place on the internet where your opinion actually matters. In last week's election, we put a liberal joke up against a conservative joke, and by a clear margin, the liberal joke won.  Part of the reason was because one person voted twice. Some of you may think that's fraudulent, but I don't know how to count or what fraudulent means. Congrats to Laet Oliveira, AKA @LaetPO!

    As this election season winds down, both Democrats and Republicans are getting more serious. But not here. This is a safe place where you can still laugh at yourself and your opponent. Take a look at the jokes below and vote as often as you like in the comments section.

    Week 9:



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  • Naked Cowboys for Romney

    This year's election has really highlighted how much voting demographics have changed. Historically, naked cowboys tend to vote liberal, particularly in the West Hollywood area. But this year, naked cowboys seems to be hanging more to the right

    Robert Burck, aka the guy who sings and prances around in his underwear in New York City’s Times Square, is throwing his support behind the former Massachusetts governor.

    "I believe in a small, decentralized, fiscally responsible federal government," he told New York’s CBS affiliate. "I believe in an economy with free market principals, and I believe in the strongest national defense on Earth. And those are the antithesis of all the things Obama is doing."

    Burck claims being conservative has always been in his nature. You'd think someone who believes in having a strong defense would do more to protect his "little soldier" than walk around in tighty whities.

    While Romney has yet to respond to the naked cowboy's statements, my guess is he prefers Meat Loaf to beefcake.

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  • Rolling Across the Aisle, Week 8

    It's week 8 of Rolling Across the Aisle Laughing. We only have a couple more weeks until the election. Are you ready to vote? Have you even registered? If not, don't worry. You can just post your political opinions all over Facebook. That counts too.

    Last week's toe-to-toe slugfest ended up being a draw. Conan O'Brien got one vote because he is Coco, and the other got one vote because it was written by a human with mammary glands. Guys, I think we can do better. This week I've chosen a couple of non-celebrities without boobs in the hopes it will make you more objective and less objectifying…

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  • The Republican FAQ on Women's Health

    With so much misinformation floating around on the Internet, it's hard to know who to trust when it comes to your health. Here — with the help of members of the House Committee on Science and Technology, medical doctors and assorted experts on the business of ladybusiness — is an assemblage of the cutting-edge science you won't find on WebMD. Call it WebGOP.

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  • Rolling Across the Aisle Laughing, Week 7

    Here we are at week 7 of Rolling Across the Aisle Laughing. Time flies during an election year. Why, it seems only last week that we had a decisive RAAL victory on the left, so congratulations Erin Gibson (@gibbletron).

    If you didn't experiment with bipartisanship in college, now is a great time to see how the other team plays. This week's jokes are going to have you laughing harder than a split-screen Joe Biden. Please vote in the comments section!

    Week 7:



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