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  • Naomi Klein Does Not Know "Hopenhagen"

    Naomi Klein. What a downer! Look at her refusing to be optimistic about meaningful changes to environmental policy around the world happening in the Copenhagen summit simply because no meaningful change is actually being discussed. Boo!

    You ever hear of a little thing called "unjustified hope"? Sorry, Ms. Klein, maybe they don't teach that in your fancy journalism schools, but a little more than a year ago, America turned out in droves to vote for it.

    And unjustified hope can move make make-believe mountains.

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  • Something (Barack Obama) Is Rotten in the State of Denmark

    Barack Obama, this hapless idiot. Look what he's doing on Friday: instead of staying home and fixing health care or winning the war in Afghanistan, he is taking four entire hours to address the International Olympic Committee, a thing no national leader (except Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin) has ever done before, in order to support his country's bid for the next Olympics.

    Four entire hours, geez, just think how much productive work Barack Obama could do in that time — why, he could read Chuck Grassley's entire Twitter feed from top to bottom, but nooooo

    Putting his political prestige on the line, President Obama has decided to fly to Denmark this week to appeal to the International Olympic Committee to choose Chicago, his adopted hometown, as host of the 2016 Games. [...]

    "With all the pressing issues we're facing right now, I think hopping off to Copenhagen is problematic," said Mark McKinnon, a Republican media consultant who worked for President George W. Bush. "People elected Obama to be president — not the head of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce."

    And that right there is the most damning bit of all: Chicago is only Obama's adopted hometown, not even his real hometown.

    If Barack Obama is going to twiddle his thumbs for four entire hours while health care/Afghanistan burns, he could at least do it on behalf of his real hometown, in Kenya, where Lord knows they need an economic boost even more than Chicago.

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