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Dan Savage
  • Stephen Colbert Promises to Help Get It Better

    On last night's Colbert Report, Dan Savage — author of the Savage Love sex-advice column and creator of the It Gets Better Project — lamented to Stephen that there weren't any high profile conservatives coming forward to contribute videos to help young gay people make it through the difficult times in their lives, before they've set up support systems for themselves.

    Stephen promised to right this wrong by contributing a video of his own. Some may say that a video from Stephen Colbert doesn't count, though I don't see why it shouldn't. If joke-conservatives are good enough for Republican voters, they should be good enough for this project…

    The Colbert Report airs Monday through Thursday at 11:30pm / 10:30c.

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  • Texans Might Soon Be Realizing What It's Like to Put Up with Texas

    Dan Savage is concerned that — with Texas quite possibly ripping itself from the federal Medicaid program –neighboring states' medical systems may find themselves faced with an onslaught of proudly-self-sufficient Lone Star refugees.

    But, he has a possible solution for the problem

    "So if Texas withdraws from Medicaid we're going to have to secure the border. I'm thinking we're going to need a dang fence running along Texas's borders with New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Maybe an electrified one."

    I'm thinking that Mexico might also want to consider building it's own fence to keep the Texans out just south of the one the Texans built to keep the Mexicans out.

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  • Quote Unquote: A Very Special Day

    An Savage Love reader who identifies his or herself only as Hiding At The Elusive Fuzz Under Christine's Knockers* implores sex columnist Dan Savage — the man who gave rise to the word "santorum" — to step out the shadows of the Internet and use his superpowers of influence while there's still time

    "The time has come for you to use your influence to pick a day between now and the November election, and declare it 'Masturbate to Christine O'Donnell Day' in either the state of Delaware or the entire United States of America. If there needs to be a male equivalent, so be it. This needs to happen, and you're the only guy who can do it."

    With all due respect to Dan Savage, I don't really think we need his approval or influence to make this happen. (I'm relatively certain that a non-small contingent of voters celebrated that day two or three times before lunch today alone.)

    And, if we do need a male equivalent, Mitt Romney appears to be more than happy to do what he can.


    * Think of it as a reverse acronym.

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  • Rick Santorum's 2012 Chances Are in Deep Santorum

    This is a normal problem that most politicians face at some point or other in their  political career: trying to not make people associate your name with butt sex

    Rick Santorum would very much like to be president. For the past few years, he has been diligently appearing at the sorts of conservative events—the Values Voters Summit, the Conservative Political Action Conference—where aspiring Republican candidates are expected to show up. But before he starts printing "Santorum 2012" bumper stickers, there's one issue the former GOP senator and his strategists need to address. You see, Santorum has what you might call a Google problem. For voters who decide to look him up online, one of the top three search results is usually the site [created by syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage], which explains that Santorum's last name is a sexual neologism for "the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex."…

    "This is an unusual problem," says Michael Fertik, CEO of ReputationDefender, which specializes in helping individuals maintain a positive Web presence. "It's devastating. This is one of the more creative and salient Google issues I've ever seen."…

    Mark Skidmore, an expert in search-engine marketing at the online strategy firm Blue State Digital, says Santorum should also consider buying paid search results for his name. He says the Obama campaign successfully used this strategy to help bury sites that claimed Obama was a Muslim or not an American citizen. But like Fertik, Skidmore thinks Santorum faces an uphill battle, in part because Savage's site has been up for so long—with more than 13,000 inbound links, compared with only 5,000 for Santorum's own site, America's Foundation. "He's staring at a very big deficit," Skidmore observes.

    Yikes, this is a pretty big problem for Rick Santorum. And the more times Google's search-bots find the name "Santorum" being associated with that website the worse it's going to be for Rick Santorum. Poor Rick Santorum. He just wants to strive for a world in which the name Santorum stands for goodness and decency. Is that too much for Rick Santorum to hope for.

    Best of luck to Rick Santorum. I hope Rick Santorum is able to pull himself out of this mire of fetid santorum.

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