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  • President Obama Is Not in the Business of Business

    David Axelrod may not be worried about the fallout from President Obama's "You didn't build that" remark because he's a whiny government bureaucrat who doesn't know anything about starting a business, but he should be. Even before Obama spoke those fatefully out of context words on several news channels, the golden gods of these United States, makers of heaven and earth, our compassionate overlords (business owners) had given him a mere 35% approval rating.

    Meanwhile, Romney gleefully cries, "It's working! It's really working!" into the bathroom mirror as he dries the water off his white-collar hands. We can all assume he does this without straining our imaginations, can't we? Romney may be the fairest taxer in Businessland, but if he isn't careful this message could come back and bite him in the poll.

    For instance, in Tampa this last Wednesday two local business owners, Rebecca Smith and Lou Ramos, held a news conference to speak out against the President's comments and for Mitt Romney. One of them, construction company owner Rebecca Smith, scoffed at the very idea

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  • Mitt Romney Holds Press Conference at Solyndra

    Solyndra is to Obama as Bain Capital is to Mitt Romney. Neither political weakness is really sticking with the American public, but both campaigns feel the need to dredge it up repeatedly. It beats having a frank and healthy debate about the economy.

    Earlier today, Mitt  conducted a secret press conference at Solyndra headquarters. Why was it secret? Because Obama!

    “The reason for keeping it quiet is because we knew if word got out that Solyndra would do everything in their power and the Obama administration would do everything in their power to stop us from having this news conference,” an aide said in a briefing en route.

    What would Obama do? Place the Mitt Romney campaign on his kill list?

    The press conference may be seen as tit-for-tat (tits and tats, both things that can disqualify a president) for David Axelrod's speech in Boston about Mitt's term as governor.

    Axelrod called the press conference to hammer home the Obama campaign's critique of Romney's time as governor…

    …Romney supporters who showed up for the event. Holding "Obama Isn’t Working" and other pro-Romney signs, they blew bubbles at the stage and loudly chanted, "Where are the jobs?" and "broken record."

    Blowing bubbles at the stage is the most adorable heckle. Obama supporters should retaliate by showing up to Romney events and throwing Corgis.

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  • The Daily Show on Barack Obama's Gay Marriage "Evolution"

    I kind of understand why Obama is being so trepidatious in its continually evolving support for marriage equality. After all, gay marriage is just a theory.

    To view this movie you need the Adobe Flash Player plugin. You also need JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Coverage continues with John Oliver after the jump.

    The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11/10c.

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  • Join Indecision for This Sunday's Meet the Press

    David AxelrodDownload our free app and follow our live coverage of NBC's Meet the Press, Sunday 4/22 @ 10:30 a.m. ET. David Axelrod and his mustache will stop by to discuss Obama's re-election strategy, and probably talk about how it sucks that Rick Santorum dropped out.

    As a bonus, Republican congressmen Darrell Issa and Peter King will be there to offer measured, nuanced responses to the recent GSA and Social Security scandals.

    So join us. There's no better way to stay moderately informed.

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  • Chuck Grassley's Twitter Feed Seized by Doddering Fool

    This weekend, bitter old codger Senator Charles Grassley took a break from his usual Twitter shtick of complaining  about our grave national crisis of the dearth of history on the History Channel, which is matched only by the absence of news on Fox News. Instead, Iowa's senior senator mashed his thumbs on his iPhone to tell the world his deeply considered thoughts on Barack Obama's intelligence amid the president's criticism of judicial challenges to health care reform…

    There was a problem connecting to Twitter.

    The commentariat is naturally clutching its pearls at the "incivility" displayed by Grassley and David Axelrod, who tweeted in regards to Grassley, "I think a 6-year-old hijacked your account and is sending out foolish Tweets just to embarrass you!"

    In fact, Chuck Grassley's Twitter feed was hijacked by none other than Chuck Grassley. And the problem isn't the lack of "statesmanship" but a fundamental violation of the rules of the playground: if you're going to call someone a poopy-pants, you had better be damned sure that your owns pants are pristine . See if you can spot the issue that arises from the author of Chuck Grassley's Twitter account questioning anyone's intelligence…

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