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  • Debate and Tackle: Vegas, Baby!

    Tonight's Democratic presidential debate takes place in Las Vegas, a fact that isn't lost on headline writers, who are cranking out gems like

    What Happens in Vegas

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  • Debate & Tackle: Place Your Bets

    Tonight, three Democratic presidential primary candidates — and four guys who are being allowed to stand on stage beside them — will debate pressing fatuities in the City of Brotherly Lust: Las Vegas! (Nevada, not Honduras.)

    Now, you may have a candidate that you want to win the nomination, but do you actually think he'll win? You might believe in his or her message, but do you believe in his chances? Would you really being willing to put down a stack of your own money on, say, Kucinich? Dodd? Edwards?

    It turns out there are a lot of people willing to push their chips toward a particular candidate — in the hopes of gaining financially if not civilly. Slate has been collecting data from several different presidential betting sites, and a quick look at the way the bets are shaking out is somewhat illuminating.

    As of today…

    • People are willing to pay more than $70 (in the hopes of winning $100) on the chance that Hillary will win the nomination, but less than $20 to win the same money on Obama. Even though she's only polling about 10% higher than him. Apparently, many Obama supporters are smarter than they look.

    • Edwards is doing far worse, going for less than $6. That means that if you throw down under $60 today, you could walk away with $1,000 if Captain Haircut pulls an upset.
    • Al Gore's chances are going for $3.40, even though he's stated a bazillion times that he has no intentions of entering the race. That means that you could take $34, throw it out the window and have a better chance of actually hitting Al Gore on the sidewalk than you would of winning $1,000.
    • Dennis Kucinich is selling for 10 cents. Ten pennies! That's even less than Richardson, Dodd and Biden, who are all selling for less than a dollar. This is your Hail Mary bet. Put down $100 today, and never win $100,000 tomorrow.

    And the Republicans?

    • This is a much more exciting table, with Giuliani going for more than $40, and Romney going for a little more than $30. (Although, to be fair, Romney threw down most of those bets himself.)

    • McCain is somewhere between $7 and $10 depending on the betting site. (If McCain does run away with the nomination, bettors are encouraged to donate their winnings to the gas fund for the Straight Talk Express.)
    • Ron Paul is selling for less than $8! What's wrong with you Pauliacs? Why aren't you throwing down crazy bets on your candidate to skew results? It's the same principle as an online poll, just with real, actual money. Get on it!
    • Uncle Fred Thompson, the next Ronald Reagan, savior of the Republican Party, is selling for less than both Paul and Huckabee — $8 or less. But, you know, whenever he wakes up, those prices are gonna skyrocket.

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  • Debate & Tackle: Too Black, Too Busy

    Top-tier Republican candidates have been under a lot of fire recently for repeatedly declining invitations to debate before an audience of African-American voters, citing a lack of time. We think this criticism is unfair. These candidates are busy people, and they simply cannot find the time to accept every single invitation. They have to turn down a lot of debates.

    Here's just a few that they skipped recently…

    • The Homosexual Union Workers' Debate

    • The Poor Persons' Debate
    • The Critical Thinker's Debate
    • The White Guilt Debate
    • The Very Poor Person's Debate
    • The All Other Minorities Besides Black People's Debate
    • The Logical Fallacy Pointer-Outer's Debate
    • The Distinguished League of Hoboes Debate
    • The Old-School Conservative's Debate
    • The I Hate You Republicans and I'm Never Ever Going to Vote for You Ever No Matter What Debate and Steak Fry

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  • Debate & Tackle: Democrats in New Hampshire

    Well, we wanted to watch the debate tonight. But sadly, despite heavy promotion on MSNBC's homepage… well, check out our screengrab below.

    If you're able to watch, please let us know if anything interesting happens in the comments.

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  • Debate & Tackle: Mash-ter & Commander

    Yahoo News, Slate and the Huffington Post unveiled their version of a debate today: the Democratic Candidate Mashup, hosted by Charlie Rose and Bill Maher from inside the center of the darkest pit of the Earth's core.

    However, their somewhat open definition of the word mashup appears to be "any collection of media that plays in any kind of variable order." By that definition, our Songs to Do Pilates To playlist on iTunes is also a mashup. Quite frankly, we were a little underwhelmed with the presentation.

    Here's some actual candidate mashups…

    Pimp My Ron Paul feat. R. Kelly

    Mitt Romney on Sex

    The Bestest Candidate Debate

    What are some of your favorite candidate mashups? Drop your links (or just embed them) in the comments section of this post.

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