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  • Debate and Tackle: Paul vs. Kucinich — Follow-Up

    We recently asked the Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich supporters who read this blog to let their colors fly in our comments, since they are among the most virtually vocal of our commenters. You did not disappoint. Here are a couple of our favorite moments from our Paul vs. Kucinich "debate":

    • Ron Paul understands the Constitution better than Dennis Kucinich, because Ron Paul understands the Constitution is not a socialist document, and Dennis Kucinich doesn't. As a result, Ron Paul comes off like a president, and Dennis Kucinich comes off too "warm and fuzzy." Look at how differently they talk about the war:

      The moral and constitutional obligations of our representatives in Washington are to protect our liberty, not coddle the world, precipitating no-win wars, while bringing bankruptcy and economic turmoil to our people.- Ron Paul

      I am running for President of the United States to enable the Goddess of Peace to encircle within her arms all the children of this country and all the children of the world.- Dennis Kucinich

      Whether or not they understand the Constitution, though, they're both better candidates than any of the others in either party. (drumbomn)

    • I don't understand this stima of "socialism" like OOOOoooOOO NOO COMMUNISTS!! This isn't the 1950's anymore guys. Most countries are socialized, just because the media doesn't tell you that doesn't mean they are not. THE US IS THE ONLY WESTERN INDUSTRIAL COUNTRY WITHOUT UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE! We are pretty behind, considering we are the richest country in the world and all. Besides that, everything is socialized anyways.. OHH NOO!! Think about it… post office, library, cops, fire men, ect. I don't think the founding fathers would mind those would they? KUCINICH IS THE MAN! (undergroundbaby7)

    We even got a few Gravel fans in the mix! So keep it going, readers — even if your candidates get short shrift in the media, at least you know you can sound off here!

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  • Debate and Tackle: Paul vs. Kucinich

    Recently, our enormous staff of interns pointed out that the most frequent commentors on this blog are supporters of Ron Paul, the libertarian who favors limited government, and Dennis Kucinich, the starry-eyed liberal optimist. To wit:

    • Dr. Paul is a great person and I would be proud to have him as my president. He has a genuine soul and it and most who cannot deal with his honesty cannot handle it. At the risk of sounding too sappy, I would say that he makes allot of people proud that there is some true humanity in existence. And yes, I know he isn't Jesus and we all have our flaws. But the man has the stones to stick up for his convictions. Peace! (Forskin_Gump)

    • The traditional Democratic base isn't stupid. They haven't been driven away from the polls because they are lazy or apathetic. They are painfully aware of the huge disconnect between Democratic Party rhetoric and the official behavior of many Democrats. They don't appreciate being lied to, and maybe they have grudging reasons to go to the polls just to vote against some Republican. Maybe they don't. The traditional Democratic base doesn't always turn up at the polls. They need more than transparent rhetoric. They require a real candidate who actually represents their interests. And they love Kucinich. (raiderpower)

    So we decided to give you champions of Paul and Kucinich a forum for a real (virtual) debate, right here in our comments, on behalf of your candidates.

    Here are two topics. Pick one and debate away in the comments below:

    Topic 1: Ron Paul understands the Constitution better than Dennis Kucinich.

    Topic 2: Dennis Kucinich understands the Constitution better than Ron Paul.

    Ready? Go!

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  • Debate & Tackle: The Logo Forum Wrap-Up

    Tonight the Logo television network held Visible Vote '08, the first ever live presidential forum focused on lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender issues. For those of you who missed it, here are some of the highlights:

    • First up was Barack Obama who attempted to recycle his line from the 2004 Democratic convention, "We coach Little League in the Blue States and yes, we've got some gay friends in the Red States," though comparing gay rights with Little League seemed to fall a little flat on this audience.
    • Questioner Melissa Etheridge introduced herself to Obama and the audience as "an incredibly privileged rock star." Everyone present seemed to agree.
    • Despite her privileged status, Etheridge showed great compassion for John Edwards by asking him if gay people still make him uncomfortable. To the relief of all present, he answered no.

    • Next up was a googly-eyed love-fest for Dennis Kucinich who was asked, "Is there anything the LGBT community wants that you're against?" and responded, "All I can say is keep those contributions coming and you'll get the president you want." And yes, he got a standing ovation.
    • How many times did Dennis Kucinich say the word "love" in his 15 minutes? We lost count around 30. If anyone was able to keep track, let us know. We promise you our love.

    • After a sponsor break, 77-year-old Mike Gravel entered stage-right to some thumping techno music. He only said "love" six times, but the audience seemed to like him.
    • Bill Richardson proved his open-mindedness by indicating that he would support domestic partnerships for mermaids. Seriously.
    • Last up was Hillary Clinton who somehow was able to turn her opposition to gay marriage into a laugh line.

    Did we miss anything? What were your favorite moments?

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  • Debate & Tackle: Democratic Forum on Logo

    Tonight at 9p, the cable channel Logo and the Human Rights Foundation present Visible Vote '08, the first-ever live televised presidential debate on issues that are important to the LGBT community, featuring Democratic candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel. In a veritable swirl of corporate synergy, we talked to Lisa Sherman, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Logo about the event.

    TheInDecider: Why a homosexual-targeted debate now in this election cycle? What was wrong with the old status quo in which candidates spoke only to the mythically normal white, heterosexual Christian voter while delivering coded homophobic messages through otherwise meaningless rhetoric?

    Lisa Sherman: Hey, our time has arrived. Look this election has had a ton of debates and forums so far and it just made sense for us to invite candidates to come talk to the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) audience about our issues.

    TheInDecider: How did this debate come to be, and did Logo ever think about choosing to air a straight-themed debate? Why are heterosexuals being excluded from the electoral conversation?

    Lisa Sherman: Now wait a second, our moderator is straight! But seriously, we never thought about a straight themed debate. We'll leave that to Comedy Central. We've had to watch them debate for decades and rarely hear about issues important to our lives. This really is gay history: gay issues on gay TV for a gay audience for the first time.

    TheInDecider: Won't it be hard to conduct a debate under the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy?

    Lisa Sherman: I can't tell.

    TheInDecider: If homosexuals are treated as a respectable voting bloc whose favor must be curried as much so as evangelicals and blue collar workers, doesn't that undermine the sanctity of a heterosexual vote?

    Lisa Sherman: Yes, we want to be courted. They better do better than dinner and wine.

    TheInDecider: What kind of turn-out are you expecting for Logo's Republican candidate debate?

    Lisa Sherman: We have a room reserved. So far, it's empty.

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  • Write-In Posts: I (fart) Richardson

    Here's a post for all you hardcore political eproctophiliacs out there. A reader emailed us with the best argument ever for watching political events with your children…

    Last night my two teenagers and I were watching the CNN YouTube debates that we'd recorded earlier, and were quite amused to learn that one of the candidates farted during a national debate.

    Gov. Richardson is addressing a question about standardizing the voting systems… when somebody and I'm presuming it must be Gov Richardson, passes gas. My kids and I replayed the scene several times and got quite a good laugh out of it.

    You can see for yourself below in this clip we pulled from the official CNN/YouTube Debate webpage. The effluviant outburst occurs at precisely the moment that the clock rolls down to 0:27 seconds…

    We're not sure if it was Richardson or not. Regardless, it was probably the smartest thing said all night. Who do you think dealt that smart riposte?

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