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  • Angus King Will Caucus with Democrats

    It was, I'm assuming, a very difficult choice to make, but Maine Senator-elect Angus King has come to an incredibly important decision

    After months of speculation and sidestepping the question, King announced Wednesday morning what many observers had already predicted: He will caucus with the Democratic party when he officially assumes his seat in the Senate.

    "The outcome of last week's election in some ways makes this decision relatively easy," King said. "In a situation where one party has the clear majority and effectiveness is an important criteria, affiliating with the majority makes more sense."

    Also, there's this weird sour milk smell in the Republican caucus room. It's hard to tell where it's coming from, but it might be Jon Kyl.

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  • Liberals and Conservatives Love Nancy Pelosi

    Nancy PelosiHouse Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has told members of the House Democratic Caucus that she's willing to remain their leader in the next Congress. That may sound like bad news for people hoping for more comity between Democrats and Republicans, but consider how both sides are taking the news.

    Progressives were elated, having campaigned for Pelosi's retention, liberal members of Congress and progressive activists in Washington are working to whip together an effort to convince Pelosi that her work in Congress is far from done. If Pelosi steps down, her position will go to Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), a moderate Democrat with ties to business…Pelosi's base of grassroots progressives and what she calls "idealistic money" — wealthy liberals who give to the party, rather than to boost business interests — allowed her to be the most liberal House speaker in congressional history.

    But that's nothing compared to the glee and concern-trolling of conservative activists…

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  • Tweet Untweet: Thelma and Louise

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  • Tweet Untweet: Biden's Life as a Dog

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  • Rolling Across the Aisle Laughing: An Epilogue

    The election is over and we either did it or didn't do it, depending on what you wanted done. But now we have to do it more. Do what? Whatever it takes. God bless America. Let the healing begin.

    Democrats: With President Obama's win, you have the challenging job of fixing the economy, but for realsies this time. And no more whining. It's time to get to work. That's the stuff people get paid to do. No, not being unemployed. The opposite of that. That's a joke, Democrats.

    Republicans: You, on the other hand, have been working way too hard to keep Democrats from working. You've been too serious. Take the year off and go find yourselves, guys. Backpack through Europe. Tell France the Democrats say hi and they can't wait for them to see what they're gonna to do to this place. That's a joke, Republicans.

    The country may be divided like two pieces of bread right now, but we still have the cheese that holds the bread together, and that cheese is a sense of humor. In the spirit of non-partisan laughter, I give you the final head-to-head liberal-vs.-conservative Twitter battle after the jump…

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