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  • Quote Unquote: The Purge of Florida Continues

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott on his refusal to follow demands from the Department of Justice to cease a supposedly-illegal voter purge


    "Look, these elections sometimes are really close. We don’t want… non-U.S. citizens on voter rolls and voting. So I'm going to do my best to get it done as quickly as I can."


    Hmmmmm… Interesting. I wasn't aware that "non-U.S. citizen" was now an accepted euphemism for Democrat.

    Obviously, I knew it was just a matter of time.

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  • Eric Holder Defends Crackdown on Medical Pot

    Since Barack Obama took office, federal agents and prosecutors have conducted about 200 raids on medical marijuana dispensaries and growers, despite an Obama campaign promise to tolerate dispensaries in states that have legalized them. But whatever the dangers of marijuana, one thing is clear: Smoking pot is a lot less dangerous for one's brain cells than listening to Obama administration officials offer congressional testimony

    Appearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Holder acknowledged the Justice Department had broken with the Bush administration and pledged not to go after anyone acting within state law.

    Nevertheless, those involved in large-scale marijuana growing and distribution have "come up with ways in which they are taking advantage of these state laws and going beyond that which the states have authorized," Holder said in response to questions from Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y. "Those are the only cases that we have been going after."

    Those wily cancer patients, always looking to take advantage of state laws for their own nefarious anti-pain agendas.

    It's fun to consider other groups, besides manipulative cancer sufferers, who have "taken advantage" of statutes and gone beyond what the spirit of the law may have authorized. There are Bush administration officials who authorized torture, in contravention to the Geneva Conventions and U.S. law. There are financial sector tycoons who committed fraud on a daily basis in order to issue, sell and securitize mortgages from under-qualified individuals. It's amazing the DOJ has the manpower to prosecute medical marijuana dispensaries, when so many bodies are needed to sit on those other cases.

    At the same time, this pattern of conduct fits in with Obama's life history. As a member of the Choom Gang, Obama "often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted 'Intercepted!,' and took an extra hit." An auspicious start to a career making sure that all the drugs belonged to him.

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  • Dept. of Justice Politely Asks Florida to Stop Purging Voters

    Being the governor of a major swing state carries with it a lot of responsibilities. You have to make some hard decisions. Like, what's more important: complying with a fistful of federal voting regulations, or getting rid of a few thousand brown-skinned voters before a big election? I don't know!

    I'm really glad I'm not in Florida Gov. Rick Scott's position

    The Justice Department has asked Gov. Rick Scott’s administration to stop a controversial voter purge effort, saying it appears to violate federal law…

    In yesterday’s letter, T. Christian Herren, chief of the DOJ’s voting section, said the scrub appeared to violate at least two federal laws. Five counties in Florida require federal approval before any voting or election changes are made, but [Secretary of State Ken] Detzner did not ask the DOJ or a federal court to sign off on the purge before he initiated it.

    And federal voting laws prohibit any major voter scrub 90 days before an election. That deadline was May 16 for Florida’s Aug. 14 primary.

    Gov. Rick Scott — who has said that "the Secretary of State’s office is doing the right thing" (which, by certain ideologies is almost certainly true) and, despite all available evidence is, "absolutely not" deliberately purging minorities — is on the fence about whether or not to comply with the DOJ's request…

    Asked if he was planning to heed the Department of Justice’s request that the state abandon its voter-cleansing program, Scott said that the Secretary of State is still reviewing the matter.

    "The Secretary of State's office is going to review what the Department of Justice has said," he said. "And then we're going to make a decision."

    I'm confident that will look deep into his heart and determine whether or not he can get away with this before coming to a reasoned decision.

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  • Health Care Mandate Is a Tax, Except It Is Not a Tax

    One can imagine why the Obama administration might want to postone the Supreme Court's decision on health care reform until well after the elections, when Obama is either relaxing on a beach in Hawaii or realizing his nefarious secret machinations with Russia as an untouchable second term despot. I mean, what politician wants his signature legislation castrated before the nation a half-year before Election Day?

    However, if this is the kind of legal fire power the DOJ is bringing to the Supreme Court this week, they might be better off to let things finish up as fast a s possible so everyone hopefully forgets all about this

    The Justice Department says the mandate is constitutional, in part, under Congress's power to levy taxes. But in urging that the justices should not postpone a decision until the mandate takes effect, sometime after 2014, the administration has had to argue that the mandate is not a tax.

    Justice Samuel Alito raised the issue as Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Jr. argued Monday that the fine is a not a tax.

    "Tomorrow you’re going to be back, and you’re going to be arguing that the penalty is a tax," Alito said.

    So, the best lawyers in the Justice Department put their heads together and decided that the best way to go about this was to argue both sides at the exact same time? I'm not one of those fancy law-talking-guys but that doesn't seem like a winning strategy to me.

    Though, maybe they're just trying to highlight how much this legislation truly is the brainchild of Mitt Romney.

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  • Stephen Colbert on the DOJ's License to Kill (American Citizens)

    If Americans are so up in arms about Attorney General Eric Holder's defense of executing U.S. citizens without judiciary process, why don't they simply renounce their citizenship. Then they'll be safe.

    To view this movie you need the Adobe Flash Player plugin. You also need JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    The Colbert Report airs Monday through Thursday at 11:30/10:30c.

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