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  • Jim Oberweis: The GOP's Reigning Loser

    If you think that Rudy Giuliani and Rick Santorum are big losers, you've got another think coming. When it comes to political losers, no one holds a candle to the GOP's Jim Oberweis, who is currently running for Congress in Illinois!

    Oberweis, a millionaire investor and dairy-farm owner, has a proud history of miserable failure in elections. Here's a run-down:

    - 2002: Oberweis runs for the U.S. Senate in Illinois. He finishes a distant second in the Republican primary to Jim Durkin, a Congressman whose Senate candidacy was based entirely on the hope that voters would confuse his last name with incumbent Senator Dick Durbin's. Durbin wins in a landslide.

    - 2004: Oberweis again tries his luck for the Senate, this time run for the open seat vacated by Republican Peter Fitzgerald. He places second in the Republican primary to wealthy banker Jack Ryan, who quickly becomes embroiled in a sordid sex scandal. Amazingly, the Illinois Republican Party declines to tap Oberweis to fill in as the GOP nominee, instead turning to Marylander Alan Keyes, who goes on to lose to Barack Obama, 70% to 27%.

    - 2006: Oberweis figures that he should try for a more local office and throws his hat into the Illinois Governor's race. Once again, he comes in second in the GOP primary, this time to state treasurer Judy Topinka, who goes on to lose the general election to the scandal-ridden incumbent Governor Rod Blagojevich.

    - 2008: Oberweis enters the special election to replace retired Republican Congressman Dennis Hastert in a rural, conservative Illinois district. Incredibly, he wins the Republican primary (nice work, Jim!) but goes on to lose the deep-red seat to Democrat Bill Foster.

    Currently, Oberweis is gearing up for a rematch against Foster in the November election. Pundits are already declaring him … you guessed it … the loser!

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  • Sexy Pics of People We Saw Who Are Not Charlize Theron

    On Tuesday, we posted a whole slew of sexy pictures of Charlize Theron who "spoke" at a pro-labor event here in Denver.

    Believe it or not, our trip here hasn't only been movie stars pretending to care about stuff.  We've also seen some honest to goodness politicians who might actually care about stuff like Rep. Mike Michaud of Maine, and Teamster leader James Hoffa, who also attended the event with Ms. Theron.

    In the Big Tent, several folks have dropped by. Below are Sen. Dick Durbin, the Senate Majority Whip from Illinois, and Sen. John Tester of Montana mixing it up with the liberal bloggers.

    And lastly, Senator Ben Cardin of Maine Maryland* spoke at The Dark Court Panel Discussion.

    Check back for more pictures later today.

    * @ Harold. Maryland is my home state too.  This is what happens when you don't sleep for 3 nights straight. Still had Michaud on the mind I guess…

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  • Washinton Governor Christine Gregoire Gets Her News From Indecision 2008…

    …or so Gov. Gregoire claims. I have a suspicion, though, that she wasn't being completely honest/serious.

    I was just introduced to her in Daily Kos and Digg's Big Tent, and she did seem very intrigued to meet somebody from Comedy Central, even if not somebody particularly intriguing in and of himself.

    I asked her what she thought of Hillary Clinton's speech last night, and she said she was expecting Sen. Clinton do well, but that it "exceeded my expectations." That seems to be the general opinion across the board with everyone I've spoken to. (I asked her if she's expecting Bill's speech tonight to be comparable, and she said she'd rather not draw a comparison. Message recieved, loud and clear.)

    Wish I had a picture, but it turns out I'm an idiot and left the hotel without a battery in my camera. So, Michael very patiently agreed to go home to get it.

    We did however manage to get some pictures of Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and campaign guru Joe Trippi, both of whom are currently wandering around The Tent and discussing the best ways to undermine American pride with all the liberal bloggers (or so I assume). I'll try to get those pics up soon.

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  • Yo Homes, Smell You Later


    Join former United States Senate Pages Dylan and Ethan Ris as they bring you the dish on not just the presidential race but all the exciting triumphs and disgraces inside, outside, and below the Beltway!

    This Week's Politician In Trouble! The Pages are hopping mad at the predatory home mortgage industry, which continues to profit from exploiting the most naive and ignorant segment of our society: Members of Congress.

    We're of course referring to the tragic case of Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA), whose third home was taken away by The Repo Men earlier this month. According to the Torrance, CA Daily Breeze (motto: "Ending Geraldine Ferraro's Career Since 2008"), the meanies at Washington Mutual foreclosed on Richardson's Sacramento home after the Congresswoman defaulted on her $535,000 loan.

    The Breeze notes that Richardson also neglected to pay property tax, made a real estate agent cry, left behind a garage "full of trash to the ceiling."

    But we say all this could have been avoided if Richardson's fellow homeowners had just done the neighborly thing and funneled cash to her political campaign. They even could have taken a cue from Greenpeace and fed the Congresswoman smoothies, but apparently some people just don't have manners these days.

    The next step for Richardson likely involves moving into one of her two other homes in California, although she's apparently defaulted on her loan payments for those, too.

    Well, if things get really messy, the Congresswoman could always ask fellow politicians Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer, Bill Delahunt, and George Miller if she could crash on the couch of their Washington apartment! They have an awesome deck and the Nintendo Wii, and they're apparently scoring free wi-fi from the neighbors. And all Richardson would have to do is pay 1/5 of the utilities and walk the pit bull when the menfolk are out with lobbyists. We say, take it!

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