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  • Indecision Delegates: Jordan & Jared on CNN [VIDEO]

    Jordan Carlos and Jared Logan Indecision Delegates

    After two weeks on the ground in Tampa and Charlotte, embedded in both the Republican and Democratic national conventions, Indecision delegates Jared Logan and Jordan Carlos took a few minutes to talk with CNN's Don Lemon about what they experienced with their own four eyes.

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  • Michele Bachmann Has a Lady Ninja

    Turns out future President of the United States Michele Bachmann is fierce in more than just the Tyra Banks/drag queen sense of the word. Lately, Team Bachmann has been throwing literal elbows in the face of the Satanic media.

    First, the Fabulous Bachmann Boys put their hands all over ABC News reporter Brian Ross when he asked questions about her migraines. Next, CNN anchor and new Indecision BFF Don Lemon got shoved into a dang golf cart by Marcus Bachmann, who apparently doesn't get enough chances to play rough with handsome men in private. But it doesn't stop at Bachmann's boys.

    Even her "advance woman" is getting into the shove game!

    Jodie Newell, an Australian photographer who shoots for her own company, Newell Media, said the female advance staffer had demanded she put her camera away outside a recent Bachmann event in Indianola, Iowa, despite the fact that she was standing in an open parking lot, after she didn’t immediately produce her credentials.

    Newell, a conservative who earlier had Bachmann sign a placard and wished her well, said the staffer told her, "We’ve been told on the radio to look out for you."

    "I had no idea what she was talking about," she said, adding that the staffer refused to identify herself.

    Politico also mentions another incident in which the same tough gal forcefully pushed down an Iowa journalist's video camera.

    Jeez, how long before Bachmann's campaign stops deteriorate into some kind of crazy scene from Kill Bill, with her yellow-suited lady ninja of death swinging a katana at every hapless J-School grad in sight? (Please don't let it be too long. This is awesome!)

    Stay tuned to Indecision for more coverage of Bachmann-on-journo atrocities as this story unfolds.

    Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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  • Sara Benincasa on The Joy Behar Show with Don Lemon Tonight!

    Our very own Indecision blogganista* Sarah Benincasa will be a guest on tonight's stirring episode of The Joy Behar Show with extra-special guest-behar CNN's Don Lemon, which officially makes her the most likely of all Indecision bloggers to get picked by Richard Branson to join him in his private space shuttle and keep the human race alive when the asteroid comes hurdling toward this small fragile rock on which we all live so very precariously.

    Anyhoo, tune in to CNN HLN tonight at 10pm / 9c to see them talk about stuff and other things.

    While we're waiting for that to happen, here's frequent-guester Don Lemon's guesting spot on The Colbert Report last month after the jump.


    * I am good at making up words!

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