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  • From the Pork Barrel: Chris Christie Not Yet Risen

    * Chris Christie definitely not running for president says everybody except for Chris Christie.

    * Fox News' Megyn Kelly defends GOP members booing gay soldier. Besides, can you prove that was debate audience and not some homophobic ghosts?

    * Is there any conservative in America less Reaganesque than Michael Reagan?

    * N.C. Gov. Beverly Perdue suggests skipping congressional elections this time round so legislators can focus on economy, not getting beaten to a pulp in the polls.

    * Lobbyists lobbying for right to more lobbying.

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  • Repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy Takes Effect

    If you woke up this morning and the air smelled a little gayer, but also a touch safer, it wasn't thanks to the Broadway show tunes that lulled you to sleep last night. More likely, it was because as of 12:01 this morning, the policy known as Don't Ask, Don't Tell was formally consigned to the dustbin of irrationally prejudiced history.

    Turns out the moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward fabulousness

    The 18-year-old "don't ask, don’t tell" policy officially ended at midnight and with it the discharges that removed more than 13,000 men and women from the military under the old ban on openly gay troops. To mark the historic change, gay rights groups are planning celebrations across the country while Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta and Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will usher in the new era at a Pentagon news conference.

    The other side will be heard, too: Elaine Donnelly, a longtime opponent of allowing gay men and lesbians to serve openly in the armed forces, has already said that "as of Tuesday the commander in chief will own the San Francisco military he has created." Two top Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee — the chairman, Representative Howard P. McKeon of California, and Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina — have asked the Pentagon to delay the new policy, saying commanders in the field are not ready. But the Pentagon has moved on.

    I have so many questions about this "San Francisco military" and the "Rainbow Warriors" who may now serve openly.  Will feather boas become mandatory accessories to the Army Combat Uniform? Will the score to La Cage aux Folles replace morning reveille? Will nefarious San Francisco values displace the martial virtues that keep us safe? A letter sent by top commanders to U.S. Army soldiers provides some guidance…

    For over 236 years, the U.S. Army has been an extraordinary force for good in the world. Our Soldiers are the most agile, adaptable and capable warriors in history — and we are ready for this change…

    Accordingly, we expect all personnel to follow our Values by implementing the repeal fully, fairly and in accordance with policy guidance. It is the duty of all personnel to treat each other with dignity and respect, while maintaining good order and discipline throughout our ranks. Doing so, will help the U.S. Army remain the Strength of the Nation.

    Sounds like business as usual. Except now, when gay soldiers do the difficult work of defending Congressmen McKeon and Wilson's rights to be petty and bigoted brats, they can do so while being true to themselves. Progress.

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  • Update on the Greatest American Hero Ever of Today

    Okay, you say "tomato," I say "tomahhto." You say "going AWOL for deeply-held ideological integrity," I say "being discharged for mental issues associated with extreme intolerance."

    It's the same difference

    Moran… is actually on an approved leave status, according to a statement released by U.S. Air Forces in Europe.

    "He is currently outprocessing for discharge from the Air Force which was previously approved by his commander on August 4th," the statement reads. "While we are aware of the comments that appear on various Web sites attributed to Staff Sgt. Moran, officials with United States Air Forces in Europe will not discuss nor characterize those comments."…

    He wrote in a letter posted Aug. 15 on The Post & Email website that he was a "high priority" for being discharged after meeting with mental-health evaluators. Moran wrote on The Blaze that he would soon receive an "administrative and honorable discharge for a 'personality disorder'" because he told his leadership that homosexuality is a sin.

    This is the exact same thing the liberal lamestream media did to Paul Bunyan.

    By the time they're done with him, people won't even take at face value that Moran is 300 feet tall.

    (via Mother Jones)

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  • New York's LGBT Community May Earn Right to Get Married, Give Obama Money

    Look, everybody knows what a great job the president's teleprompter has been doing these past couple years. Really excellent work getting the big man out of some potentially embarrassing situations. But, oh man, does that teleprompter have its work cut out today.

    It has to somehow manage to help the president ask a bunch of well-to-do New York gay people to hand him their money so that he can continue not supporting their right to get married for another four years. On the same day that the state senate will likely be voting on the marriage rights that he does not support, no less!

    I can't wait to see how that brilliant teleprompter gets the president out of this one

    President Barack Obama scheduled a fundraiser in New York City on Thursday for gay supporters — his first as president — just as the state Legislature maneuvered toward of a historic vote legalizing gay marriage. Although the outcome was uncertain, the vote could occur hours before Obama's event.

    Whatever the result, there's a spotlight on Obama's failure to endorse gay marriage.

    Activists say Obama got off to a slow start on their priority issues. But he won many over by repealing the ban on gays serving openly in the military and by instructing the Justice Department to stop defending in court a federal law defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

    But he endorses civil unions, not marriages, for gay and lesbian couples. He says his views on the issue are evolving, as are the country's.

    Oh, his views on gay marriage are "evolving." That's good to know. I suppose that means we can expect some real substantial change so long as we're willing to wait a couple million years.*


    * Boo, I know. But it was between that punchline and "Well, it's pretty obvious that his views aren't intelligently designed." Naturally, I think I selected the fittest option.

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  • Turns Out Soldiers Don't Totally Hate the Gays

    Hey, guess what? Turns out that America's favorite football team, the U.S. Armed Forces, doesn't hate gays nearly as much as some of its own coaches thought! Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal training (whatever that entails — HAHA OBVIOUSLY IT IS BUTTSEX) is apparently going reasonably well

    "I'm looking specifically for issues that might arise coming out of the training, and the reality is that we've not seen them," said Gen. James Amos, the commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps. "I've asked for feedback… the clear majority of it is very positive."

    This attitude is a turnaround for several of the generals who vocally opposed the repeal when it was being debated during last year's lame-duck session.

    Last November, Amos said he was concerned about a possible loss of unit cohesion and combat readiness in the case of a repeal.

    Maybe it is because more people joining the Armed Forces means less of a chance that straight military members will get deployed to combat zones. Or maybe sometimes people are smarter and better than we think.

    Nah, it's probably the first one.

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