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  • Should Non-Swing State Voters Be Forced to Care?

    Rep. Steve Israel is proposing a new amendment which could very well infringe upon non-swing state voters' Constitutional right to blissfully go about our business on Election Day without having to bother ourselves with the tediousness of waiting in line to vote or paying attention to the issues

    The head of the House Democratic campaign arm this week proposed a Constitutional amendment that would give the winner of the popular vote in the presidential race an additional 29 electoral votes.

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  • Ohio Is the Most Important State in the World!

    I haven't spent a great deal of time in Ohio, but I have driven through it, and I must say, it's interstates and strip mall sprawl do exude a certain majesty. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but as I was looking out the window of my car, I thought to myself, "I may very well be in the most important place in the entire United States and I think I need to find another rest stop fast, because that beef jerky is not sitting very well."

    Turns out I was right. On both counts. FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver explains how and why Ohio will decide our nation's fate

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  • 7 Realistic* Electoral College Tie Scenarios

    It's helpful to think of the Electoral College as the Arizona State of electoral systems. Most of the time it's all fun and games. Then one morning you awake naked, covered in vomit with a giant penis emblazoned on your forehead. A 269-269 electoral vote tie — which sends the election to the House of Representatives — is the Electoral College's version of that penis.

    Surprisingly, it's not even drawn in the shape of Florida. Ohio, Wisconsin, Maine and others all play a role in creating 7 plausible scenarios that will leave our country with a terrifying post-election hangover…


    SCENARIO #1: THE OHIO STATE ELECTORAL COLLEGE TIE is the most likely of unlikely scenarios. Were the election results to exactly mimic the average of state polls as they are today, Barack Obama would win 281 electoral votes on the strength of his narrow leads in Ohio, Nevada, and Iowa. However, were Nevada and Iowa to slip away from the president while Ohio held firm, both candidates would be left with 269 votes. And you'll be left with a lot of Facebook friends you didn't even realize were constitutional scholars specializing in the 12th Amendment.

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  • Our Endorsements: Sarah Silverman Is Getting Her Nana a Gun [NSFW]

    * Sarah Silverman's PSA is not meant to be listened to in public.

    * Homer Simpson votes.

    * Confused by your state's voter ID laws? Cool. That's the plan.

    * This amazing sculpture honoring Nelson Mandela gets it right.

    * Is The Onion just the actual news now?

    * Seth Meyers talks about the media's liberal bias with Bill Simmons.

    * Randy Newman does it* again. *Writes an OK song with great, satirical lyrics.

    * has a list of reasons why we should change the election process.

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  • Ron Paul Electors May Cost Romney the Election

    Contrary to the mainstream view that Ron Paul supporters have returned The Shire to write comprehensive Things We Would Abolish lists and plot of the rise of Rand Paul, Paululons are not done wrecking havoc with Mitt Romney's electoral plans. The Associated Press has found three Republican electors — in Iowa, Nevada, and Texas — who are considering not casting their vote for Romney even if he carries their state's popular vote…

    "They've never given Ron Paul a fair shot, and I'm disgusted with that. I'd like to show them how disgusted I am," said Melinda Wadsley, an Iowa mother of three who was selected a Republican elector earlier this year. She said she believes Paul is the better choice and noted that the Electoral College was founded with the idea that electors wouldn't just mimic the popular vote.

    The defection of multiple electors would be unprecedented in the last 116 years of U.S. politics.

    In addition to several plausible scenarios that would create a 269-269 electoral college tie, sufficient defections could also deny either candidate the 270 votes necessary to secure the presidency. If so, the presidential election would be thrown to the House of Representatives, where each state delegation will be required to vote as a block, and the vice president will be selected by the U.S. Senate by majority vote.

    If a majority of House delegations remain Republican while Democrats hold the Senate, Mitt Romney may win the presidency while Joe Biden holds on to the VP slot. At which point, the electoral college would finally begin to approximate an actual American college. Nobody graduates from it — at least not on time — but it sure does inspire a lot of binge drinking.

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