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Electoral College
  • Un-American Activist Politicians Attempting to Bring Democracy to America

    Clearly, the Electoral College — which gave Barack Obama 67 percent of the electoral votes by winning 53 percent of the popular vote — is the smartest idea in the history of the world. That's not even open for debate.

    But would getting rid of the Electoral College be an even more smartest idea in the history of the world?

    There's a slim possibility that we'll be finding out when Sarah Palin is elected Empress of America in 2012…

    The National Popular Vote initiative is a lobbying campaign funded by John Koza, an engineering professor at Stanford University, that aims to make the Electoral College irrelevant without going through the arduous process of amending the Constitution.

    States are asked to enact laws pledging their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote, no matter who wins the state. The pledge takes effect only when states holding at least 270 electoral votes — a decisive margin in the Electoral College — agree to participate. That would ensure that the winner of the popular vote would take the election.

    Making every vote actually really count for real?! But would anybody actually go for a crazy gambit like that? Well, kinda yeah

    Tier 1: Signed into law (50 electoral votes)
    Illinois (21)
    New Jersey (15)
    Maryland (10)
    Hawaii (4)

    Tier 2: Passed by one house, currently pending before other house (36 electoral votes)
    Washington (11)
    Colorado (9)
    Oregon (7)
    Arkansas (6)
    Vermont (3)
    Rhode Island (4, vetoed by governor)

    Tier 3: Passed by at least one house in past (112 electoral votes)
    California (55, vetoed by governor)
    Michigan (17, not voted on by senate)
    North Carolina (15, not voted on by house)
    Massachusetts (12, not sent to governor)
    New Mexico (5, not voted on by senate)
    Maine (4, not voted on by house)

    You know, if this goes through, I'll actually miss our old Electoral College days. You never think you're gonna miss it when you're in the middle of it — when it seems like it's never gonna end — but you always do.

    Skipping Electoral Class, throwing up on the street outside Electoral Frat Houses, selling all your Electoral CDs in an attempt to scrape up enough Electoral Money to get your Electoral Girlfriend an Electoral Abortion.

    You'll look back nostalgically. Believe me.

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  • McCain's Simple Path to Victory

    Looking at the electoral map, John McCain pretty much has Barack Obama exactly where he wants him. The Arizona Maverick has just one easy and obvious task left: Win California.

    Game. Set. Match.

    This is not over, people! I'm raisin' McCain!

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  • 15 Minutes of Fame Wrapping Up for Maine and Nebraska

    Maine and Nebraska have just a few things in common: farms, plain-speaking, nitrogen-based atmospheres. But since today is Election Day, they share one super important trait . . .

    Both states split their Electoral College votes. Which means that if a presidential candidate wins a majority of votes in a Congressional district, he can still score an Electoral vote even if he loses the state overall. This has potential ramifications for both candidates in tonight's tallying:

    * Obama has his sights set on Nebraska's 2nd district, which includes most of Omaha. He recently dispatched Hillary Clinton there to gin up support among Cornhuskers who might be hesitant to vote for a man whose mother hailed from their hated neighbor, Kansas. It's a long shot, but in an Obama landslide the 2nd could go blue.

    * McCain is hoping to snag an Electoral vote in Maine's 2nd district, which comprises the rural northern portion of the state. Sarah Palin stumped in Bangor two weeks ago, but embarassingly lost a moose shoot-off to local Democratic Congressman Mike Michaud. This one likely stays in Obama's column.

    Who cares about these individual Electoral votes? Well, keep in mind that if Obama wins all the Kerry states plus Iowa, New Mexico, and Nevada, the Electoral College will be tied at 269-269 . . . Those plain-spoken, atmosphere-breathing farmers could just be the ones who tip the balance!

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  • Clinton's New Rules for the World, Part XII

    You know how I intimated earlier that the odds aren't in Hillary Clinton's favor? My most sincerest of apologies. I retract that. I didn't realize that over the weekend the Clinton campaign changed all the rules again. As it turns out, Sen. Clinton is now way in the lead by 17 electoral votes.

    Electoral votes? Am I referring to the votes tallied up during a general election between a Democratic candidate and Republican candidate that have nothing at all to do with primary elections?


    "So who carried the states with the most Electoral College votes is an important factor to consider because ultimately, that's how we choose the president of the United States," [Clinton supporter Senator Evan] Bayh said on CNN's "Late Edition."

    In a primary, of course, electoral votes are not relevant, but the Clinton campaign is trying to use them as an unofficial measure of strength. So far, Mrs. Clinton has won states with a total of 219 Electoral College votes, not counting Florida and Michigan, while Mr. Obama has won states with a total of 202 electoral votes.

    So, by this new measure, it's clear that Hillary Clinton is crushing Barack Obama. Because, obviously, if Clinton beat Obama by slim margins in states like New York, New Jersey and California during the primary, there's no chance that he can win them against John McCain in November. It's just basic logic.

    Well, not basic logic. More of a highly advanced theoretical form of quantum logic.

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