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Emily Heller
  • The Indecision 11: Emily Heller

    Emily HellerWelcome to The Indecision 11, our soft-hitting — caressing, really — politics questionnaire for smart, funny people. This week: Emily Heller, who appears TONIGHT on an all-new episode of John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show, which you can watch on Comedy Central at 11/10c. She produces a weekly live stand-up show called The Afterlife,¬†and the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal just named her one of their New Faces of Comedy. Follow that face: @MrEmilyHeller.

    What's your earliest political memory?
    When I was a sophomore in high school I phone banked for Al Gore. Later, I was on the phone with my boyfriend during election night. I remember saying something like, "We only need a few more states!" and him saying, "Well… would it be so bad if Bush won?" It was like the end of The Crying Game–turns out I had been dating a Republican the WHOLE TIME!

    I also wrote a letter to President Clinton when I was 11, complaining about my P.E. teacher and comparing the whole situation to the Montgomery bus boycott. It was very classy, tasteful and not at all hyperbolic.

    What do you think of people who don't vote?
    I think of them often. I'm like, "What are they up to right now? It's really too bad we lost touch." Just kidding. I don't know. I understand how it happens. You're busy, America. You have all kinds of video games to play and diseases to die from.

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