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  • George Will Hates Voting Like He Hates Jeans

    At some point, Washington Post columnist and popular-in-the-'80s pundit George Will began performing the real-life equivalent of Peter Griffin's  "You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?" routine. Many say we arrived at this moment when Will dedicated an entire column to his displeasure at seeing men wearing jeans.

    (George, look at the picture at right. Do you realize that by characterizing denim as " symptomatic of deep disorders in the national psyche," you're insulting the Ronald Reagan, hallowed be his name? Think about your life, think about your choices.)

    Not convinced that Will is an insufferable crank whose love affair with baseball is his last tenuous connection to normal humanity? His latest column is dedicated to arguing against mandatory voting in federal elections, a policy that precisely zero people in the Obama Administration have proposed. And it's just as well, says Will, because you know who else liked high turnout elections?

    Those who think high voter turnout indicates civic health should note that in three German elections, 1932-33, turnout averaged more than 86 percent, reflecting the terrible stakes: The elections decided which mobs would rule the streets and who would inhabit concentration camps.

    What that has to do with Attorney General Eric Holder's suggestion that election procedures be federalized isn't clear. I think this is what happens when the bow tie gets too tight.

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  • From the Pork Barrel: Legislation Vacation

    Capitol Dome

    * Today marks the beginning of the U.S. Congress' five-week paid vacation. As they're co-employer, I kinda wish they'd asked my permission, but I do begrudgingly have to admit that they've totally earned it.

    * House Republicans are now planning to file a civil suit against Eric Holder over the Fast and Furious scandal. If this doesn't work, they'll be left with no recourse but to bring the matter to Judge Judy. And everyone is hoping to avoid anything so draconian, I'm sure.

    * You'll be happy to know that the Democrats are doing their damnedest to close the offending-Hispanic-voters-before-November gap.

    * Download our free iPhone and iPad app Indecision Election Companion and jump up into the the Peanut Gallery — our liveblog/instant reaction arena — to watch and respond with us as Sen. Lindsey Graham appears on CNN's State of the Union this Sunday morning at 9/8c. We're pretty sure this is exactly how Candy Crowley got her start.

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  • Eric Holder Found in Contempt of Congress

    Capitol Dome

    For the second time in two Democratic presidential terms, a Republican-controlled Congress has been burdened with the lamentable and unenviable need to publicly embarrass a high-ranking White House official with a congressional castigation

    For the first time in history, the House today held a sitting attorney general in contempt of Congress. The final vote, 255-67, reflected the absence of scores of Democrats who walked off the floor in protest rather than vote on whether Attorney General Eric Holder was in contempt…

    Speaker John Boehner said the contempt vote was necessary to defend Congress' constitutional oversight authority and get to the bottom of a botched gun-smuggling investigation that played a role in the death of a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

    "I don't take this matter lightly, and I frankly hoped it would never come to this. The House was focused on jobs and the economy. But no Justice Department is above the law," the Ohio Republican said on the House floor.

    My heart goes out to Speaker Boehner and all the Republican congresspeople who were forced to do this. And what are the odds? President Bill Clinton in 1999 and now Attorney General Eric Holder. I mean, what are the odds?!

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  • Tweet Untweet: CNN Literally Breaking the News

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  • Eric Holder Found in Contempt of Congress by Oversight Committee

    What is the world coming to when a claim of executive privilege from a Democratic White House is not given the full measure of respect it deserves from a Republican-controlled House Oversight Committee?

    The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted along party lines Wednesday to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a subpoena in the "Fast and Furious" investigation, setting up a legal showdown with President Barack Obama in the middle of his tough reelection battle…

    GOP lawmakers weren’t swayed [by claims of executive privilege], and they proceeded with the contempt vote despite bitter objections from the White House, Justice Department and Democratic lawmakers. Speaker John Boehner and other top Republicans went so far as to suggest the White House was using executive privilege to cover up its involvement in Fast and Furious.

    Issa and his fellow GOP lawmakers on the Oversight panel defeated several Democratic amendments seeking to revise or water down the contempt resolution and its accompanying report. Republicans then pushed through the chairman’s measure, the gist of which was leaked weeks ago, on a 23-17 vote.

    The full House of Representatives won't get to vote on this until next week, and if I'm remembering correctly, the majority of the people in that legislative body seem pretty chill, which could bode well for Holder's chances. Though, I may be confusing them with that indie band Of Montreal. For some reason, I'm always getting them mixed up.

    At any rate, at least now Eric Holder and Karl Rove finally have something to talk about at parties.

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