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Evan Bayh
  • Bayh Says "Arrivederci" to Senate

    Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh will announce today that will not be seeking reelection this November, thus, in a sense, Bayh is saying "So long!" to his days as a public servant

    "My decision was not motivated by political concern," Bayh is expected to say. "Even in the current challenging environment, I am confident in my prospects for re-election."…

    His retirement is a blow for Senate Democrats. Bayh's universal name recognition and popularity — not to mention his massive campaign warchest — made him a favorite in the fall despite the Republican tilt of the state and the increased focus of national GOP strategists on the contest.

    This seems like a huge win for the GOP. Even if the Democrats poured a ton of money into that election — which is something they were not planning on needing to do — I don't see how they'd even be able to purchase a win there.

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  • Evan Bayh, Party Crashers May Not Be Invited to the White House Again

    Hey patriots, how was your Thanksgiving? Did anything catch on fire? Did your relatives spend the entire meal yelling about Sarah Palin and/or ACORN?

    Did any D-list socialites crash your dinner, prompting a Secret Service inquiry and consternation on the part of Evan Bayh?

    Bayh, D-Ind., compared the [White House state dinner] crashing of Michaele and Tareq Salahi to would-be bomber Richard Reid, whose attempt to blow up an airplane by lighting explosives in his shoes led to travelers having to remove their footwear at security checks in U.S. airports.

    "These folks could be like the — what is the name, Richard Reid, who changed the way everybody travels through the airports because of this one guy. This couple may change the way people go to the White House," said Bayh, who is scheduled to go to the White House on Wednesday.

    "I'm kind of wondering what I'm going to be facing to get into the White House this time. It's probably going to be a lot stricter than it has been," he told "Fox News Sunday."

    Yes, Evan, but maybe that's because you went on national TV to draw a just-waiting-to-be-misconstrued parallel between a pair of party crashers and a notorious domestic terrorist, which will trigger a talk show chorus of "Barack Obama's administration would gladly invite Richard Reid over for a barbecue" in about as much time as it took me to eat the last piece of pumpkin pie.

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  • Did John Edwards Rob Hillary Clinton of Her Place in History?

    I don't know about you, but on a beautiful day like today, I really enjoy lying in the grass, staring up into the clouds and wondering What if

    But, since I've got a job, I usually just end up reading bullshit unfounded speculation on the Internet instead…

    [If John Edwards had not run for president] Could Hillary Clinton have grabbed Edwards' loyalists and won early, stage-setting contests in Iowa, where Barack Obama emerged as a contender with a stunning win, or later, in the South Carolina primary?

    Yes, says Mark Penn, Clinton's close campaign adviser and pollster. Penn has asserted that without Edwards on the ballot, voters would have taken a "fresh look" at Clinton.

    Well, if Mark Penn says it, it must be true. Why, he's never proven himself to be wrong-headed, duplicitous or willfully ignorant before. That guy is a straight shooter if ever I did see one.

    But, just for the sake of adding length to this post, let's see what somebody who knows what he's talking about has to say. What does Mark Blumenthal from have to say about it?

    Mark Blumenthal from "The most compelling evidence concerns where Edwards' support might have gone, had he withdrawn once the campaign had gotten under way in early 2007: polls showing that Edwards supporters preferred Obama to Clinton as their second choice in Iowa (as early as May 2007) and in New Hampshire (a few days before the primary)…

    "Edwards started the race as the leading candidate in Iowa. Had Edwards withdrawn in late 2006, others who were considering the race at about that time — Tom Vilsack, Evan Bayh, Mark Warner — might have gotten in."

    Yeah. Edwards' campaign was the only thing standing between Evan Bayh and the White House.

    He must be very bitter.

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  • Barack Obama Is Coming to Steal Your Internet

    WorldNetDaily's Brad O'Leary alerts us of a real, actual issue that real, actual, non-paranoid-schizophrenics really, actually have to concern themselves with…

    Gird your blogs, because if liberals in Congress get their way, President Obama will have sole discretionary authority to shut down the Internet or critical parts of the Internet should he feel his presidency is being tested. Worse, under the guise of cybersecurity, Obama will essentially be granted the power to destroy free speech on the Web.

    On April 1 of this year, Sens. Rockefeller, Snowe, Bayh and Nelson introduced bills S. 773 and S.778, collectively called the Cybersecurity Act, which would give President Obama dictatorial power over the Internet during a time of national crisis or emergency.

    Don't get me wrong: Concerns that President Obama and liberal congresspeople are plotting to declare martial law over the entirety of the Internet and start dictating what right-wing bloggers are allowed to say is in no way a completely-invented issue that borders on the senseless ravings of a sanatarium resident.

    It's just that I'm more concerned with the high-levels of Goblin that scientists have been discovering in our drinking water.

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  • BREAKING: Evan Bayh to Appear on The Daily Show Thursday

    Following up on last night's Tim Kaine interview, Jon Stewart continues his survey of people who are not going to be VP with Indiana Senator Evan Bayh this Thursday.

    I'm hoping this means we'll see Kathleen Sebelius on Friday to close out the runner-up trifecta. Or Hillary.

    This is Sen. Bayh's first appearance on The Daily Show, so instead of posting a previous interview as a primer, here's Evan Bayh addressing his constituents about the 2008 election.

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